Singles Day (11/11) 2020 General Discussion

I was searching for Singles Day bargains, but noticed that there isn't one set up yet?

PS - saw the clickfrenzy one, so that's a good place to start.

On the 11 of November every year, Chinese retailers join together to promote discounts for a single day. Look for discounts on your favourite international shopping sites such as AliExpress, Banggood, GeekBuying, GearBest, iHerb and more.

Check out our Singles Day Sale page

Useful Tips:

  • Did you know that Paypal is now an accepted payment method on AliExpress? Check our deals page on Paypal to learn more

  • Be mindful of overseas transaction fees: consider using a debit or credit card that waives these transaction fees.

  • Some sites such as Aliexpress, Banggood and Gearbest will not display GST charges until you have added the item to the cart and started the checkout process. Be sure to take this into account when posting deals, too.

  • Deal posters and power users may tag any related deals as 'Singles Day', they will then automatically appear in our sale page.

  • Remember to click subscribe on your favourite stores to get an email and/or web notification if any deal is posted for them.


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    Single's Day Page is here, it will be added to the 'Pages' menu on OzBargain closer to the event.


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    • Singles day page says it’s on Saturday which was last year. Needs a update to say Wednesday

      • Thanks, fixed up.

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    Congrats, your post asking where the singles day page is, is now the first post listed on the singles day page.

  • The link to the general discussion page is to last year's.

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      Yeah we'll edit that soon, someone is going to make a post or we might just edit this post to make it the discussion post.


  • It looks like Aliexpress starts their deals from late afternoon on the 11th?
    Why that time?

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    I will buy something on 11/11 singles day when China ends the quasi undeclared trade war against Australia.

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      Errr singles day is more so Chinese people in China buying Australian produce.

      The Chinese people don't exactly get to 'vote' per se for their leaders and I don't believe they could give a shit less about the political shit show trade war.

      The irony though, a year ago we complain they're buying all our formula, now we're complaining they're not buying enough….

      • It was always silly complaining about people buying Australian products. At least some people could see that.

        The issue was always the manufacturers and distributors not doing their job of getting their products out.

        • Yes the problem is absolutely people going from store to store to stock pile boxes of baby formula faster then the manufactures can pump them out. Just like the manufactures were to blame when people did a run on toilet paper.
          I don't think manufactures are going to up there output based on unpredictable dodgy buying.

          • @Drogo: It wasn't unpredictable though. They were running out because they weren't distributing enough. They were going from store to store because they were running out. It's pretty straightforward. Produce enough and people have enough to buy.

            Toilet paper is totally different, not even going to respond to that.

      • They might as well ban all formula from Aus. I will see how many parents there will scream and complain.

        Watch Biden and Scomo doing nothing and we keep getting hurt with trade wars

        • So far as I know, they are buying from NZ Now. NZ doesn't have daigou because there are NZ stores in China directly.

          • @pandasrandomchoice: Ah wells better for local parents then. NZ is afraid of China we know that. They dare not to be in trade war with China.

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      Yup I support you. They keep denying BS trade tactics to cripple Aus economy for us voicing our concerns over their doings. They are playing trade wars to gain momentum in politics

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        Its actually OZ pushing Chinese investment out. But anyway, I don't think China cares anymore.

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          Oh they care alright.

          When over 60% of China's total iron ore imports come from Australia, they care a lot.

          That's why they don't want to push things too far with us. Relatively minor imports, yep… no worries. But they know if they continue to push this rhetoric, it'll cost them far too much than they are willing to spend.

          It'll hurt both of our economies no question, but China isn't foolish enough to think they can cripple us without consequences.

          Their military is built with Australian steel, not with the inferior ore out of their own soil (much more brittle than ours, so is used to build non essential exports and sold dirt cheap).

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    I think a wish they were single day, would be more successful

  • What's the situation with covid shipping? Less commercial flights means that less small packages will be transported in commercial airline cargo holds. Are there just more ships and shipping containers then? If I'm not ordering something with DHL/expedited shipping then stuff may come after December..

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    Yeah nah

  • Sales start in 11 hours from now - so 7PM AEST.

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    I am after Dyson Airwrap. JB Hi Fi have the 11.11 sale going but they don't sell it. Does anyone know of any other store that is doing sale and selling the Dyson Airwrap? Thanks.

    • The Iconic has 15% off Dyson hair tools

      • Hey thanks! Stacked it with Suncorp 6% gift card.Wife is happy!

  • I think it's insensitive that Aussie Companies participate in Singles Day on Remembrance Day.
    Remember when Woolies tried to make a quick buck from their ANZAC Day stunts?
    Won't be buying anything today.

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      I agree and it would also be nice if the front page had a poppy in the header. I am not against the 'singles day' sales event as this is a bargain site after all, but some recognition of Remembrance day should also be there.

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        I agree and it would also be nice if the front page had a poppy in the header.

        If they did that, there'll be a whole bunch of other people up in arms saying "How dare they use the symbol of remembrance day to promote their sale? Disgraceful! Boycott the chinese!" (or something to that effect :)

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      also for the comment below

    • I disagree. I don't see how it takes away from the day personally.

      • They could relocate the date to another day like how Australia Day should be relocated. UK does it on March 11th.

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    11/11 is Remembrance Day not Singles Day.

    • We all know China is just using this as an excuse to promote sales… has no meaning what so ever.

  • Quite a poor effort this year from sellers IMO.

    • no real need to give bargains considering most online retailers experienced 300-500% growth during covid….

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      Agree sht deals

  • Vintage Cellars also have a Singles Day offer 11% off (spend spend $100 or more) with the code SINGLESDAY, it can be applied on top of their click frenzy discount too!

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    After the first 30 minutes of the 11.11 sale in China, Alibaba platforms generated RMB 372.3 billion (~ AUD 77.17 billion) in sales so far, with 530,000 peak orders created in one second.

    crazy stats

  • 11SD50
    I have
    Subtotal $73
    Total + shipping +tax =$ 87.88
    Yet,i can't apply the code 11SD50.
    Error - the order amount, excluding shipping, is under the minimum spend of the promo code.
    Ozb says the minimum spend is $70.

    What am I doing wrong here folks?

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