What's a Good Pick for a Monitor?

Been on a Samsung LU28E590D 28" UHD Monitor (might not be the one but very similar) for the past 100 years, and reckon its time for an upgrade. OzBargain seems to love Dell's 27" S2721DGF and Xiaomi's 34" Ultrawide, so that's about the price point I'm looking at (<$600). Might also consider the Samsung 27” CJG54 Curved Gaming Monitor if VA > IPS in the general opinion. Will be using it with a laptop for school/uni (Through Surface Dock), and through a PC for gaming, and wondering what everyone thinks about where to go? Not super sure about the IPS vs VA debate, so hope someone can help me out there! If there are any other options you guys reckon are better would love to hear it.

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    Dell's 27" S2721DGF
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    Xiaomi's 34" Ultrawide
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    Samsung's 27” CJG54 Curved Gaming
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  • I'm loving the S2721DGF personally.

    Ultrawide takes some getting used to but is nice for open-world games and productivity. FPS games are easier with a smaller (24"-27") screen.

    Just make sure you have a decent card to run it at 1440p. My 1070 does an alright job but I'm looking at a 2070S to help it out a bit.

    • Thanks, yep… my 970 is long overdue, gonna need an upgrade. Wasn't really a point until I get this new monitor. Looks like I'll try for the Dell one tonight.

  • Been looking at screens myself, Criteria of '1440p/144hz' and when the LG model seemed like the best bet, the cheaper dell (S2721DGF) showed more promise than the LG, seems more panel optimizations.

    Then a couple weeks ago our friends at Hardware Unboxed compared the LG to the Dell and the Dell seemed a lot better all round.

    so, the deal today says I want the Dell.. but can't help but wonder if the Black Friday sales might be a bit more aggressive on pricing.

    • Black Friday almost certainly will have better pricing, however there is likely to be a limited stock count, as Limaa's deals are usually limited to 400 units or so and sell out extremely fast (<1 hour) so they're very easy to miss. Furthermore, I purchased an S2721DGF today and it's only set to arrive December 21st. If you wait for Black Friday you will almost certainly only have it arrive January 2021. Of course that doesn't matter if you don't mind waiting a few months.

      Just a couple of things to consider.

  • I'm running the Xiaomi 34" 144hz on a GTX970.

    Pretty happy with it overall, much better than having a dual monitor setup.

    Have to game at 1080p (2560x1080), 3440x1440 drops a lot of frames when playing so rather not.
    I try to play at 21:9 ratio most of the time but some games just look better at 16:9 (like overwatch or cod mw2).

    Detail and colour honestly couldn't tell you the difference to my previous monitor BenQ XL2411 (24" TN 144hz).
    There are some ghosting and bleed in fps games but it was fine on League and Dota.
    I believe freesync will fix that issue but won't know till I get a RX6800/XT.

    G-sync compatibility supports only up to 120hz so that might be a problem.