Decent Bluetooth AV Receiver for under $500?

Hi OzBargainers!

I am in the market for a decent AV Receiver for under $500, but which also has bluetooth compatibility so that we can easily play off of our phones / computers / tablets wirelessly. 5.1 is all I really need.

There have been a few good deals on Ozbargain for under $500 but they are few and farrrr between, so I have always missed out.

Was considering:

1) Yamaha HTR-4072 (which is only under $500 when it goes on sale? Otherwise its over $500).
2) Yamaha RXV385B ($470 online)

Any further reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.

Will only be used for music & TV, but multiple zones would be an added bonus.


  • Are those phones and tablets and computers android or apple.

  • Mostly Apple phones and Apple computers.

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    Alternative opinion and what I think is a much better solution IMO. Pick your favourite amp and speaker setup based on sound quality and forget about bluetooth capabilities. Then, get a Chromecast Audio + good 3.5mm jack + good 3.5mm to RCA converter (I went with UGREEN).

    See the thing is, Bluetooth still depends on range and has latency lag issues all over. You need to be kinda close to your receiver. As soon as you accidentally go a little far, your music is screwed. Far too annoying IMO. With Chromecast Audio, it’s linked to your Wi-Fi so you can be anywhere and play whatever songs you want (given that you’re primarily using Spotify or YouTube or something).

    I tried a bluetooth receiver for my amp and it was just annoying. Now I can tell my google home assistant to play whatever song/album/artist directly to my professional amp & speaker setup (which is mainly for vinyls).

    It’s just my 2 cents. It was hard to score a Chromecast Audio since they’re discontinued, but I got a good refurb one from Kogan for $40. Works perfectly.

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      Great ! ThAnks mate definitely considering this setup

      • Good luck and let me know if you have any other Qs!

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