Which is the cheapest electricity providers in Glebe ?

Hey bargainers,

I am moving to a rental lease contract for the first time and have to join a energy plan in Glebe. As I am new to this competitive world of energy, I am clueless which one to go for :|

I initially have a 6 months contract and would not prefer to have an annual commitment.

Guys, please help as I am moving this Saturday :)


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      Yes, desperate time desperate measures :) lol

    • It's so great that we are getting a new member to OzBargain who is confident enough to ask for assistance. Welcome to the community mundzu199. I hope you get a lot of benefit and look forward to you contributing to our community in the future.

      • Wow we need more positive people like you in the world :)

  • In pretty much every case, the cheapest is the one who charges you the least amount each month.

    Hope that clears up what is generally a pretty difficult 'run the numbers' dance.

    Take care.

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      How can I learn to be as wise as you.

  • what is glebe

    • Inner-city suburb of Sydney

  • Glebe Electricity Co Pty Ltd

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    As I am new to this competitive world of energy, I am clueless which one to go for :|

    Each plan is a compromise of supply charge (fixed fee daily) and your usage charge (consumption based). Usage can be flat rate or time of use.

    Some plans offer high supply charge but low usage rate, which may be better if you use a lot of power like running two fridges, have a swimming pool pump and no gas appliance. Plans with low supply charge may have high usage rate, and stink you because you work 9-5 and you use electricity at peak hour so expensive.

    Which is the cheapest electricity providers in Glebe ?

    So in short, you need to guess your usage and pattern to pick the cheapest.

  • You get what you pay for.

    My experience with cheap solar electricity was bad and caused my screens to display fake news. I would recommend getting good old quality expensive but coal electricity which is also a clean source.

  • ozbs look for sign up and referral bonuses also eg cashrewards and energy australia ($70) plus a $75 sign up from ea. I will no longer recommend nectr since they made us take the rreferral bonus off the site

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    Catch a pikachu

  • Thanks for the comments guys :)

  • wattever.com.au

    Over a short period there won't be a huge amount of dollars lost. Sign up with AGL and get the sign-up credit.

    Enjoy Glebe. I lived at 44 Victoria Rd for 6 years. Loved it.

  • If you go through cashrewards you will get 145 cashback with energy australiia

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