Recommendations to Upgrade & Restore Laptop? Brisbane, QLD

Hi there,

I have a Lenovo Ideapad 720-15IKB (Type 81C7), which might be relevant for advice (bought in late 2017). The unit is pretty decent (16GB RAM, AMD RX560 4GB, i7-8550U) and I don't have the budget ($400-600) for a new laptop, so am looking to maintain this device.

I would like to either have the SSD upgraded (larger capacity, it's only 256GB right now) or have an HDD installed, and am not sure which is the best option. What would you recommend? (or both, but preferably would do just one or the other - I also don't think RAM can be upgraded because it might be soldered, otherwise would consider that also).

I am a uni student, play games very occasionally (Overcooked, other Epic Games freebies etc). Also use the laptop for uni math software (Python, R, MATLAB) and will definitely keep using it for as long as possible. Just would love to have more storage installed for convenience.

Is the easiest option to go to a computer shop in Brisbane? Any suggestions? I'd like to also get the computer internals cleaned out at the same time (fan, board, vents etc) and maybe get some re-pasting done, cos the laptop heats up pretty quickly when running under load. I kinda understand the processes involved to restore the laptop, but have never been a DIY build-it person, or gotten these fixes/upgrades done before elsewhere, so would love some advice.

If the absolute best option is for me to learn to do it myself, feel free to recommend parts to buy and guides to follow!

TLDR: Upgrading/restoring laptop, would like advice.
Is a clean out and re-pasting worth it?
Upgrade RAM if possible?
DIY or computer shop? (suggestions if shop)
Part recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


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    Upgrade the SSD if possible, clone the disks (using a SATA to USB enclosure or adapter). I remember seeing some deals lately for ~1TB ones around $120.
    Have a look at unnecessary start up services/background apps running that consume system resources.

  • I also don't think RAM can be upgraded

    Where do you get this information.
    RAM is removable and there is an M.2 SSD slot and SATA SSD slot.
    Download CrucialScan and it will tell you what you can upgrade.

    If the absolute best option is for me to learn to do it myself

    If you have cash get the shop to do it all, if you want to DIY then DIY.

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      RAM should be sufficient.
      As above put a larger ssd in vacant slot (m.2 or SATA) - should be some specific youtube tutorials
      Back up system
      Fresh install of windows 10 and programs you use
      If you can open up the back blast with a tin of compressed air
      Thermal paste should be OK after 3 years so if it still overheats after the above then take to a shop

  • Agree re the ram - you won't be using it all as is, so more ram is wasted money.

    You can always tidy up existing system, which is what I always do. Initially it is a fair bit of time researching what running processes are really necessary - many of them aren't. Maybe if you g00gle it, somebody may have created a list of what isn't needed.

    I'd also just go with a big ssd which is what I did to mine.

  • DIY only if you are comfortable. Check guides on the internet for your specific model. Unscrew and open the laptop up. Clean up the fan etc. Put in new SSD to M2 slot. Close it up. Done.