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Head Strap Replacement for Oculus Quest 2 US$31.89 / A$43.76 Shipped @ GOMRVR Store Aliexpress


If you're looking for a head-strap upgrade for your Oculus Quest 2 VR HMD, this store is offering what seems like a half-price alternative for the official Oculus Quest Elite headstrap. If you're against paying $79 AUD for what is essentially a piece of injection moulded plastic.. this might be for you. Zuckerberg might not like it though.

Use the coupon above to reduce the price from US38 to US30-ish and then pay with PayPal (if it's the second time you used Paypal today) to take an additional US$2 off.

This amounts to roughly $29.89 USD ($A41.07). Note that Cashback will not track with coupon applied.

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      Telling a moderator that this is an Aussie forum as if they didn't know… lmao.

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    This seems to be the old version without the lower head support.

    New version looks like this https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/jqxr6k/gomrvrs...

    • I bought the newer version and with faster postage it was still under $50 AUD.

      • Where did you buy the newer version from?

        • it's literally the message above mine.. it has a link to the aliexpress page for gomrva

  • dam i just bought this at $58 aud, applying to cancel order now, hopefully able to, anyone have similar experience with canceling order on aliexpress?

    • It should happen fairly seamlessly since Aliexpress hangs on to your money until you confirmed you've received the goods, before they actually pay the seller.

  • anyone Confirm these are actually good?

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