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50 Qantas Points for Activating Offer + 150 Qantas Points on Next Visit to BP @ BP Rewards


Check your email if you're a BP Rewards member, probably targeted.

From the email:
To celebrate reaching 1 million BP Rewards members, we’re giving you 50 bonus Qantas Points to say thank you.
Just activate now to receive your 50 bonus Qantas Points – plus you can enjoy another 150 points on your next visit to bp, no minimum spend.

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  • I hope you know how much 50 and 150 pts are worth OP ?

  • Lmao, not worth much of a celebration, BP.

  • lol.. 200 qantas points

  • It cost you more to write this post than it’s worth

  • Every little bit helps

  • For someone with a significant balance who hasn’t earned any points for a while this is a great way to keep them from expiring. Thanks OP.

    • So is linking it to Woolworths Rewards

      • Actually, if you calculate the points value compared to getting $10 off for every 2000 Woolworths points, you are far better using Woolworths points at Woolies, you lose $$ converting it to Qantas points.

        • Yeah that Christmas bonus is always welcome if you bank the points throughout the year.

        • If you think 1000 Qantas points is worth less than $10 you are doing it wrong

          • @Anddee: Exactly, i get at least $15 out of 1000 points when ugrading to bussiness class when ever i flight.

            • @highdealer: Indeed. I'd value 1000QFF at about $31 personally as I use them for USA business class flights. So around 3c per point

              • @Anddee: I'd suggest two values the first for gift cards around 50% of the 2nd which is $1 per 100 in the market place . I know at OZB many people don't understand market value !
                Good luck if you can use the points for more than the market value but it doesn't change it .

        • Depends entirely on how you are spending/redeeming your QF points. If you use them for well chosen Flight Upgrades then the value can/does far exceed the nominal cash value of $0.01 / point.

        • Not my point.

          I have significant balance from credit card churning. Keep it ticking over with Woolies spends here and there. Don't care about points earned because it's measly.

    • Pro-tip: Install the Qantas Wellbeing app on your phone: https://insurance.qantas.com/wellbeing/qantaswellbeingapp . The app is a glorified pedometer that gives a pittance in Qantas Points for reaching daily & week step count goals, and only really exists to try to sell insurance. Ignore the upsell, and just collect the Qantas points (they get transferring into your your QFF account once per week).

      After the initial promo period (where you earn 10x points, think it lasts 30 days), you earn a tiny number of points (e.g. I earn about ~2.0 points/day on average, for ~8000 steps/day). BUT, and this is the crucial bit, every time you earn a single point, it resets the expiry of your ENTIRE points stash to 18 months from that date. So if you use this app, you won't earn very many points at all (~800 points/year), but it will stop all the rest of your points from expiring.

  • Wow BP are throwing away the cash. $2

  • When I signed up I think I had to choose between discounts off fuel and Qantas points. Is this deal for all cardholders or just those who chose the latter option on signup?