Searching Sydney Scrapyards for Replacement Bumper for my 2008 Mazda 2 DE Genki

Currently on the hunt for a replacement front bumper for my 2008 Mazda 2 DE Genki in Silver (22V). Purchased the car with front damage for a steal, but now she needs a nose job.

Never gone to a scrapyard before for a poke around.
Any recommendations for places to start? Any tips? Any pitfalls to avoid?

Appreciate any and all direction.



    Might have to call around if you want the same colour. Bring tools to remove bumper but most of the time they have broken clips from previous people wrecking around to get at what they want. You can plastic weld broken tabs so take more bits of same bumper plastic home.

    Already removed bumpers attract a higher premium than remove yourself

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    Don't go there. Call places and find out if they actually have what you are after


    There are websites that you can search, not sure if they're any good. E.g.:

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    Sometimes wreckers aren't that cheap anymore because they know what the parts are worth new. Guess it depends on the amount of stuff available but I remember when I needed an electric mirror for my Toyota the wreckers prices were only $50 cheaper than wholesale.