Daily Solar Generation - My 6.4 kW Solar Produced 41.7 kW 11/11/2020

Hi everyone, greetings from Girraween NSW.

I have recently installed solar, Jinko 400W x 16 panels and Goodwe 5KW inverter and very happy of the outcome. Mine is north facing roof.

It is producing over 40KW on a sunny day and 30 on a cloudy day, It is look more than the average.

Please share your experiences and thoughts


  • Rule of thumb is a kilowatt of panels produces a bit above 4kWh per day, averaged over the year.
    So 40kWh is great.

  • I have a similarly sized system (6.7 KW panels, 5KW inverter; different brands) nearly half facing North, the rest West-facing, which saw just shy of 41KWh yesterday. It's the first 40+ day I've seen in a while, and saw peak production (clipping) from 11am to 3pm. I'd say pure-North with no shading sees you inline with what I'd expect (I lose a little with most of my panels being West-facing).Good days, nice to see getting more back from the electricity provider than we pay.
    In Sydney also.

  • Great outcome, happy for you! Can you share who did you go with and how much did it cost if you don't mind, please? Thanks in advance

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      Installed SUNMAX SOLAR and cost $2249 after bargain with few friends together , I think It is the best price

      • What brand/model and capacity panels? What capacity inverter?

        • Jinko cheetah 400W panel x16 ( 12 years product and up to 25 years performance warranty and GOODWE 5KW inverter ( 10 year warranty)

          • @TAN: That's an amazing price for good entry level components.

            Do you feel the installation was of a high quality?

  • I generally get 40ish on a decent day. A few days ago got 49. 5kw inverter 6.6 of panels.

  • similar sized system. jinko plus Zever. 12 east, 8 west.

    34.6kw yesterday - Crows Nest That's about as good as it gets here.

  • I got 30kW yesterday in Parramatta. 5.2kW LG panels and SolarEdge inverter. 9 panels north facing and 7 west. That reminds me I need to get up and give them a clean one day…

    • Which company are you with. I recall reading about some companies won't give you a feed in deal if you have more than 5? or 15kw panels

      • Sorry let me clarify. 30kWh from my total of 5.2kW LG panels. Ie. A pretty standard sized system (albeit 6.6kW of panels feeding a 5kW inverter is the most typical).

  • Lots of factors.

    You are in Sydney.

    For someone in QLD you are lower than them. For VIC you are higher than us.

  • In Perth - no probs getting over 40 on a good day.
    Got about 8 panels facing NE, and 10 facing NW

  • That’s an excellent result. I find usually when it gets very hot but sunny it’s not as effective as just warm and sunny. Heat kills power generation

  • 35kw, although with locked in 23c FIT vs current 12c for recently installed panels, thats almost 70kw value

  • QLD - 8.5kW panels (11 east, 12 west) - averaging about 50kW a day if there's no clouds on a nice sunny day between 27 and 32 degrees

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    I export my numbers to http://pvourput.org, and check out my neighbours generation.

    I have a west facing 3.52kw system in Canberra, generated average of 4.414kWh/kW last year and 6.162kWh/kW last November

  • Got 43.7kwh on my 6.6kw system on Tuesday

  • id be more interested in what people are averaging daily calculated on a whole year as solar performance fluctuates throughout the seasons.
    I have a Fronius / JA 6.6kw North facing system in Sydney yielding 28kw a day.

  • Best day this week for me was 23.85kWh from 2x2kw systems. Average over the last 6 years is 15kWh per day.

  • Hi TAN,

    Can I please ask you who was your installer, do you have their website/contact details? How was your experience with them? Price seems really good to me for your panels and inverters.


  • 41kwh a day is nice, but best is trying to beat that 7kwh/kw. Last year on solar solstice Melbourne got a perfect day and pretty much every system hit its max.

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