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20% off Large LEGO Sets (Technic Bugatti Chiron 42083 $479.99, SW LEGO 75252 Imperial Destroyer $879.99 Shipped) @ Myer


20% off MSRP. $30 cheaper than Amazon's $509.99. Not as cheap as the recent ToysRUs eBay price of ~$420 but that sold out fast (IIRC they had 10 units).


Quite a few other large sets 20% off too, e.g.:

Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 $1,099.99 $879.99 SOLD OUT

Technic 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader $379.99 $303.99

Technic 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler 42114 $379.99 $303.99

Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander 75253 $359.99 $287.99

Stranger Things The Upside Down 75810 $349.99 $279.99

Technic Land Rover Defender 42110 $329.99 $263.99

Technic Porsche 911 RSR 42096 $249.99 $199.99

Star Wars AT-AT 75288 $249.99 $199.99

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  • Not bad but I'm holding out for Black Friday.

    • I probably should have too, but I caved and bought the Star Destroyer. A set that I ignored when it was cheaper prior to Covid.


      • I'd love the space (pun) for the destroyer but my SW stuff goes in the media room and we're pretty full in there with Millennium Falcon, Sand Crawler and Slave One.
        I'm looking at that Porsche to go into the garage above the racing simulator.

    • Not bad but I'm holding out for Black Friday.

      I must have been hiding under a rock last black friday

      in general how are prices on black friday when compared to Prime Day prices (on Amazon)

      • Well I used camelx3 and noticed that the Porsche RSR was $165 ($15 above it's all time low) of course there's nothing to say it will go that low again but I'll wait a week and see.

        • was honestly asking about prices in general
          I do not remember last year, so asking about black friday
          hopefully prices will be lower then

    • Hopefully there is stock by then and good deals. Whenever I look at Lego all the good sets are gone. Scalpers are buying at RRP and selling well above!

  • Upvoted because of one : Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 $1,099.99 $879.99 . Other run of the mill always around that price in Lego never ending specials :)

  • pitty the lambo is out of stock and not on the sale, wouldve grabbed one

  • Does anyone know if the Lego store does Black Friday deals?

    Looking at getting the Liebherr excavator 42100 … hoping to pay less than $750. Not a lot of stock around.

  • i think wait for Black Friday… might be 25% off Lego.

  • Nice one, thanks OP. Just bought Star Wars Imperial Destroyer set, also combined with Reward Gateway Myer gift cards for another 6% off. Total price was ~$827, pretty happy with that!

  • Do you think this is an Amazon Price beat thing? I was hoping they would put the harry potter castle on sale as well and I could use my Myer gift cards as well…

  • Does anyone have much experience in reselling lego kits?

    I'm pretty keen on the Lamborghini Sian, but find it a bit difficult to personally justify that kind of $

    However, if I could sell it and only be down $150 or so, I could then justify it.

    I can see plenty of overpriced examples on Gumtree, although mostly sold in sealed box condition. How likely is it that I'd struggle to sell an opened box one at $150 discount?

    Edit: I guess I could always wait until retirement of the model in 2022 - https://www.brickeconomy.com/set/42115-1/lego-technic-lambor...

    • Most toys get thrown out once they have been played with. Lego is one of the rare "toys" that retains or even grows in value. So, from an ROI or even waste perspective, Lego fares well.

      Not that you asked, but imho if you can't justify five to six hundred bucks for a Lego car, don't buy it.

      NB: I have no experience selling LEGO. I do have experience BUYING it, however =).

    • I wouldn't pay full price for the Sian, at least wait for it to appear on sale for 20% - it was $456 delivered from Myer Ebay 2 weeks ago.

      Once open and built, you shouldn't have much trouble reselling and I dare say it'll get snapped up pretty quickly @ $400 secondhand.

      If you held til after retirement, you will be able to sell for above the purchase price.

  • Some of the Disney Lego cases are 33% off for those interested

  • Most toys get thrown out once they have been played with. Lego is one of the rare "toys" that retains or even grows in value.

    My kids love lego, and between the three of them once they have built it, I have seldom seen them touch it
    For me I think a game on the Switch/ board game is a lot more bang for your buck than Lego, YMMV

    Not that you asked, but imho if you can't justify five to six hundred bucks for a Lego car, don't buy it.

    Never bought lego that expensive, but the kids always ask for sets worth $100- $150
    IMO they are overpriced, but I would indulge the kids once a year (just cringe when they put in their birthday request, knowing it will be more Lego)

    • But the question wasn't "what is better value, video games or Lego". Which I think is a pointless discussion. A deck of cards for $2 can give me more hours of entertainment than some of my $500 over-produced minis games. Doesn't mean I want to play cards all my life.

      But I agree that Lego is expensive. However, there is no real competition, and Lego are targeting adults with money to burn with their more expensive sets.

  • Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 75252

  • Anyone really keen on the SW LEGO 75252 Imperial Destroyer, there was one sitting on the shelf at Myer Highpoint last night. Box looks in good condition.