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Sonos Arc Soundbar $1,299, Beam SoundBar $539, Sonos Move $615, Sonos One $270, OneSL $249, G3 Sub $899 Delivered @ Premier Hifi


Came across this while searching for any discounts for the Sonos Arc. It appears that they have discounts on the full range - I've listed some of the more commonly searched items below:

Arc $1,299
Beam $539
Move $615
One $270
One SL $249
Gen 3 sub $899

I haven't ordered from them before so can't comment on the service, but prices look good.

Website also says free delivery, but I couldn't see if there was a min spend. That said I assume Sonos products as they're not the cheapest would likely qualify!

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  • Is sonos arc worth the upgrade? Currently using a logitech z623 for the past 5 years and has been great :)

    • +2

      Only if you have Sonos already.

      For the same price, You can get another eARC soundbar as a 7.1 Atmos kit (with 2x wireless rear+height speakers) with a subwoofer,

      … for the price of the ARC.

      And the ARC doesn’t come with rears or a subwoofer. If you want to spend ~$3000 on a soundbar, subwoofer and 2 One as stereo rear speakers… it’s fine.

      The eARC feature is the best aspect of the ARC… as there’s really no other inputs. If the TV doesn’t have eARC, or ARC, don’t bother.

      Is the ARC better for music ? No.
      Is the ARC better for movies ? No.
      Is the ARC convenient / Good ? Yes.

      YMMV. It’s like buying Apple or Bose or BMW. Some products are better or more value than others.

      If it meets your use case.

      • Which 7.1 eARC bar is it?

      • I mean… what are these mythical setups you're referring to?

  • @OP, the GEN 3 Subwoofer looks to be at a decent price too - $899

  • Cheaper at HN commercial. I just told them it was 1150 and they reduced the price in store

    • you got the arc at HN for 1150? how?

    • Was offered an arc at TGG yesterday for $1170 so can confirm these deals are available.
      Still waiting on a better deal though. Would like to see it closer to $1k.

      • Nice! Did you just ask them for a better price and they offerred you $1170?

      • can you post an image of the receipt so we can get one. Was it at TGG commercial or just a normal store?

  • Anyone have any experience with Sonos beam with a xbox one x?

  • Better to use a unidays 15% coupon to buy direct from the Sonos website. The coupon can be used by anyone and you get the benefit of 100 day returns.

    • anyone have a coupon code that I can use?

  • Do these atmos sound bars work alright with ceiling fans? I cant imagine the sound being bounced off the roof working well with a running ceiling fan?

  • +2

    I got JB to price match a unidays discount, brought it down to $1190.

    • How did you do that, do you just have a code? Or show their checkout site with the discount applied?

      • I'm not a uni student but I know one who got a code for me. They went through the sonos website checkout, applied the discount code and stopped short of paying. They took a screen shot and I took that to JB HiFi on the off chance they'd match it.

        I didn't think they would and the manager wasn't too pleased about it to be honest.

        Each code is unique so you'd need to get one off someone.

    • do you mind sharing your receipt please?

      • I can't attach pictures but the exact price was $1189.15.

  • anyone got a UNIDAYS discount code for Sonos?

  • OP please post a new deal for the new prices, as they are significantly different than what was posted here and won't get noticed because the deal is so old.


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