ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD Monitor Does Not Allow Downscaling from 4K to 1440p on PS5

Unfortunately, I've just learned the hard way that a PS5 connected to the ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD monitor does not allow you to select 4K, confirming no support for downscaling 4K to 1440p. I even tested it earlier this year with my graphics card by outputting a 4K signal, which it happily accepted and downscaled, along with others who confirmed that it was capable of doing this. So annoyed right now…


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  • Isn't this a PS5 issue rather than a monitor issue?

    • Yeah - pretty sure the PS5 is confirmed not to send a native 1440p signal.

      And since this isn't a 4K monitor, it won't have the EDID signalling to convince the PS5 to output 4K (i.e. you can't enforce downscaling).

      • After some research, I ordered a device called an EDID emulator, which is a HDMI adapter that can spoof the EDID signal of a 4K display. Let's see if it works…

        • Hmmmm

          Hopefully it works -assuming that a) the screen will accept a 4k signal without any issues and b) the device doesn't interfere with any other display features like HDCP.

          I'll be interested to know if it works!

          • @Switchblade88: The monitor doesn't have an internal scaler, so I doubt it's going to work. The monitor won't know what to do with a 4K signal if the EDID is spoofed to have a 4K signal sent to it. I highly suggest OP does more research as I don't think he did enough, and I think he wasted money on something that not only won't work, it's not capable of doing what he wanted.

            What OP is after is an external HDMI scaler and not an EDID emulator. A scaler will take that 4K signal and downscale it to 1440p to be passed to the monitor. However they are expensive and I think it's a much better idea to put the money towards a new TV or monitor.

            That said, I'd be very surprised if Sony doesn't add the ability to output 1440p within the first few console updates. The hardware supports it and it seems like an oversight that it wasn't included, especially when the competition has it.

  • Apologies, this may not be relevant, I normally would play console games on TV as it looks good and I can connect to my Hi-Fi system. I am wondering what is the advantage of connecting consoles to PC monitors? I am considering when/if I get my hands on a PS5, I will connect PS4 to my monitor, but it is a pain to switch between PC and console all the time though.

    Also, does anyone know if ps5 downscales to 1080 for example, would that improve gaming performance?

    • I'm renting a room in a sharehouse that doesn't have a 4K TV. You can switch inputs on a monitor with a couple of button presses and it can automatically switch if only one is turned on (no different to a TV), just need to plug your speakers into the monitor rather than the PC.

      Unfortunately, the PS5 still renders at 4K when downscaling to 1080p, so there is no improvement in gaming performance. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is still 30fps in fidelity mode for example.

      • Thanks, yah that's not good, they should really adjust performance as well when downscaling. It would be awesome if you can scale down to 1440p with high fidelity at 60fps.