Samsung SSD's Redemption Code for Assassin's Creed Valhalla DOES NOT Work

Bought an 860 EVO 1TB recently. It took 1 day for the code to be delivered into my e-mail box, which is quite fast. But the strange thing is, when I tried to redeem the game, I was told "the code has been used". I swear I am the only person who knows the code. Now I am quite depressed :(

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    And when you contacted Samsung they said….

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      Sent an email to Samsung just now. Hope those lazy guys will reply next week :(

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        best of luck /thread

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    Will Samsung address the more pressing matter of the Depression?

  • I had the same issue with mine bought this weekend. Website is throwing "Invalid S/N", which some Googling returned as an occasional issue consumers have with Samsung promos.

    I clicked "live chat" on the Samsung website and the rep said he couldnt help via chat and to contact [email protected].

    Now waiting, I'll post the outcome later this week too as it seems likely many people will be impacted.

    • Good luck to both of us.

    • I have the same problem with a 860 EVO 1TB. I have emailed promos and redemption and still nothng

      • I have got the replay from Samsung. They suggest referring to ubisoft for help:(. Will contact later.

        • wow Hopefully they can sort it out. I have been onto Umart which just suggested to email promos @ samsung. Its just annoying because I only bought this drive for the game.

    • I submitted an email to [email protected] with the invalid SN message and my details on Saturday. Received the following email around 5 days later (late Wednesday).

      Thank you for providing the required information. We are currently investigating this issue and will resolve this for you as soon as possible. Please rest assured, any eligible purchases will still be able to redeem the Cashback Promotion and the claim still be honoured. We appreciate your patience and will contact you as soon as your Serial Number is available for Redemption.

      I'm not particularly concerned if it was just an outlier issue impacting me, but the fact that when you research this error on Google, Samsung have evidently been doing this to people for years (across all sorts of components/phones), this makes the situation pretty anti-consumer. You would have thought that after the first couple of thousand complaints that are documented online… Samsung might have decided to diffuse this problem and just tell you in the marketing that the redemption can take up to 14 days, but more importantly have some sort of professional process to handle it.

      Instead, you are stuck half way submitting a form ("Invalid S/N/IMEI"), and you cant complete the form redemption and with no suggestions/ideas on how to actually complete the redemption. So then you tasked to resolve this problem by getting back in touch with the goods supplier/store, going to the Samsung Facebook, reading the fine print of the competition terms, etc. After doing your research so you can get what you paid for, you discover there is only one email you can use for support… but get ready for no automatic ticket/auto-responder and around a week of wondering whether anybody actually got your email. Finally, if you didnt think ahead, get ready to waste another day being asked to transcribe 30 character serial numbers, store names, invoice numbers, photos of the component and the original invoice, etc.

      If i was trying to design a system to maximise frustration and minimise the amount of people who end up redeeming the promo, I think the Samsung system is a pretty good performance benchmark.

      People making fun of the OP surely havn't had to redeem a Samsung marketing promotion. This is F tier systems/support.

      Anyway, the Samsung SSD's are actually a great product and this was a decent value promotion. Its just a shame that the purchase experience is so bad.

      • I received the same email yesterday mate.

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        Quick update for completeness:

        • They uploaded new Serials yesterday, about 10 days after the initial submission and then my submission was completed successfully and in the "pending" status for redemption

        • It took them just one additional day to approve the redemption.

        A bit rocky but got there in the end.

        • hey mate my stats has changed to 'approved' but still dont see the code to redeem; do they email that afterwards?

          • @Hippy: updated; changed to 'delivered' status and they emailed the code; which needed to be done via a website; which i could then install via ubi desktop app

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    Guys I've just experienced the same situation, their code in the email is not working in uplay. But then I've found this website from samsung's promotion page: After redeemed the code on this website they give me another code for the game and this time it works.

    • What's ur previous issue? Code was used or invalid S/N?

    • I submitted the claim, they didn't email me back with a code, but when I sign in to the Samsung eVoucher page it says the claim has been approved. There's no mention of a redemption code on the eVoucher page. What do I do now?

  • I can't even get an email because I can not submit a claim due to invalid S/N

    • Not sure if I am allowed to write emails here, so I'll just link you where you can find it. Look at the bottom of this PDF, it has the Samsung Australia email that I used to get a response on the invalid SN/IMEI isue.

      I think you can also use the MESSAGE tool on the Samsung Australia Facebook.

  • Same issues. Online form did not submit, send email to and no Responce. Good suggestion here to contact Facebook account, they have forwarded on the message to a team who will manually register the ssd, said may take a week or two, but should get it done!

    • What's ur issue? Code was used or invalid S/N?

      • invalid S/N - tp update to heard back from who activated the code which i redeemed via the site; but now waiting for the actual game key to be sent; such a long process :)

        • updated; changed to 'delivered' status and they emailed the code; which needed to be done via a website; which i could then install via ubi desktop app

  • I cant make a claim on my ssd bought months ago either because it is not accepting my sn. If I miss out I will be very pissed off because when I tried doing it months ago there were other weird errors registering a account. This is reminding me of the negative experience we faced getting our washing machine replaced when they were catching fire all over the place.

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    Just figured this out.
    Would be great if someone at Samsung could write basic instructions.
    You can't go into UPlay and enter the code. It will be invalid.

    To claim the game, do the following:
    1) You need to go here:
    2) Enter your code. (Ignore that the website says in-game items)
    3) Use the email you have for UPlay already. It will appear in your library instantly.

    You will receive a confirmation email from Ubisoft.

    • I submitted 3 days ago, they approved it this morning, but I haven't received any code in my inbox. What do I do now? Wait for their email?

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    You're depressed because you can't redeem a game 😒

    Man you have it good

  • anyone know how long it takes for them to send the code? Hope its not 6 weeks like the cashback offers….

    • Sent them an email and also messaged on FB (told me they forwarded to the support team) on Dec 1, still nothing.

      • you know whats funny? i got my code the day after i posted that :) so about a week

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          Finally got mine!

  • I just tried to claim this promotion and after entering SN and details and when trying to claim a window appears

    The selected gift package/s have been fully redeemed. Please select another available gift.

    Has anyone had this happen?

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      I just submitted a claim with no problems.

      • Thanks, I tried again this morning and it has worked for me also.

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      I've just had this happen for an SSD I bought this afternoon, so have sent an email to the Samsung Promos address. Hopefully I'll still be within the window.

      Did you do anything differently when you resubmitted and got it working?

      • I think each day they must release a new batch so try again tomorrow. I emailed also and received a generic reply days later that promotion can stop at any time etc but by then I already successfully redeemed offer.

  • Ok, so I just got my code to work when it wouldn't for the first few times and here is the method I used:

    1.Make sure that you turn any ad-blockers off (I'm not sure if this is needed but it was what I did anyway)
    2.Go here and enter your code:
    3.On this next page even if it suggests that 'something is wrong' or that your code 'has already been used' you need to LOG IN to your Ubi-Play account now if it doesn't do it automatocally for you (this is VITAL for the process)
    4. Try a couple of more times to enter the code (and you it will probably not work but do it anyway)

    That's the method which worked for me.

    Within an hour I received an email telling me that I had successfully activated the code!!

    Simply follow the directions laid out in the email (including downloading Ubisoft-Connect) and you are golden!

    Good luck.

    P.s. The reason I suggested that it was VITAL that you logged in to Ubi-Play was because that is the only way that they will have your email to send you the congratulations email.

    P.s.s. I used a code I purchased via Ozbargain Classifieds for what that's worth.

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