Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Ready for a noob question?

Which sale day tends to offer better discounts? I'm looking to buy my FIL a new (budget) gaming rig for his WoW playing, and maybe see some PlayStation accessories and games. If I see a deal on Black Friday should I snap it up, or is it usually better to wait for Cyber Monday?

I'll be shopping online only, fwiw.


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    Black Friday tends to have better deals
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    Cyber Monday tends to have better deals


  • a new (budget) gaming rig for his WoW playing

    This deal is very good. It'll play WoW easily.

    However, it probably won't arrive before Shadowlands is released.

  • Sometimes Black Friday sales go all the way until Cyber Monday

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are treated as one single event on OzBargain so they are pretty much the same thing. However many Black Friday deals start on Monday of the week of the Black Friday so a lot of sales go for around a week.

  • It's often about stock, more than price. One might be better than the other - but if what you want is no longer available, you'll kick yourself for having waited.