New 2DS XL - When/Where to Buy?

Not sure if this is dumb, but I went from original DS straight to Switch and missed years of Nintendo (Pokemon) games that I'm keen on playing now.

Will it be likely that Black Friday sales bring good prices on the New 2DS? Are these even being sold brand new anymore?

Alternatively, if I look for them 2nd hand, how much should I be forking out?

A quick search showed last years BF sales and I'm crying now looking at those prices.


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    They could be had for $100 new earlier this year. Now EB are selling them $150 second hand. Google Products suggests you can still import a new one for $320-500. eBay is looking the same for Buy It Now. Looking at completed listings on eBay you're looking at $200+ for preowned.

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    yeah they were selling for about $120 boxed before lockdown ('new' 3DS xl version) i have about a dozen games waiting for a decent priced console to come along. will be waiting until they fall to "last gen" prices again.

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    Prices have been going up steadily since covid forced everyone to stay home, and Logan Paul brought Pokemon into the spotlight for 10million views. I was in the same boat as you and started buying one of each Pokemon game and console starting around March pre-lock down. Store stock has been depleted for many months now.

    A new NEW 2DS XL will set you back at least $270 now, and a new NEW 3DS XL will set you back at least $290.
    Whereas in March you could find a new NEW 2DS XL for $100, and a new NEW 3DS XL for $150.
    2nd hand you'd be expecting to find a NEW 2DS XL for $160, and a NEW 3DS XL for $180.

    At the current price points, I'd recommend just buying a 2nd hand NEW 3DS XL instead of a 2DS XL for the slightly bigger battery. At least you can toggle the 3D mode on/off and still have the option for it (X & Y / Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire support 3D, along with the photo mini game in Sun & Moon).
    Another reason I recommend 2nd hand is you can save a lot of money if you throw down some cash on a bundle someone is selling with Pokemon games included, you also have a chance of hitting the collector's jackpot with shinies or event pokemon in storage that you'll be hard pressed to come by now legimitely.

    If you're anything like me the only reason you want a brand new example is for the box for collection purposes. After buying both new and 2nd hand examples, as long as you can find one with the box inserts and everything, the price gap isn't worth it, buy a clean example and throw some screen protectors on it.

    Also note:
    - 3DS is region locked, buy a local model and look for games with a PG rating on the cover
    - UK PEGI rated games will work, but less desirable from a local collector's standpoint
    - Fake 3DS Pokemon games are plentiful, read up on how to spot the differences.

  • There's a large range of used ones on cex's australian site

  • They were discontinued last November, so they did a stock runout last year (black friday).

    Basically any remaining new stock is now hugely marked up (>$250).

    You can find them on fb marketplace/gumtree/ebay for reasonable prices. But covid has really boosted their prices.

  • Looks like you might have to get a used console if you don't want to fork out for high prices for a new unit.

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