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Philips Fidelio X2HR $178.26 + $23.08 Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Near all time low of $178.07 almost a year ago. This is only worth it if you have Prime.

UPDATE 19/11: Price reduced from $179.29 to $178.26.

UPDATE 20/11: Deal expired at 11:30AM and became available again at 2:30PM. In stock on November 24, 2020.

UPDATE 21/11: Deal expired again.

UPDATE 26/11: Deal has returned at the same price.

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  • +2 votes

    Nice price for an awesome set of headphones

  • I have a pair of sennheiser hd598's, can anyone chime in how do these compare to each other?

    • +8 votes

      There are plenty of reviews/comparisons out there, the X2HRs are basically more "fun" with stronger bass.

      • Yup, would be more of a sidegrade to the HD598 than an upgrade.

        • Can you suggest an upgrade to the HD598? They still sound amazing to me and the comfort is great (Much better than my bose soundlink AE2)

          • @zodiacnights: How about the new HD 560s? I ordered a pair from Sennheiser AU shop. It’s already in stock. A2A website seems to suggest it is in stock too. Other sites are still on back order.

            • @Davesday: For those who can wait you can pre-order @ Mwave (local stock) for $299, or for $285 @ Amazon UK via Amazon AU (Free with Prime).
              (Also remember to stack the current Cashback on electronics)

            • @Davesday: Wow thanks for the tip I didn’t know these even existed. They look great are you getting a pair?

              • @zodiacnights: I ordered the HD 560S as I am 'afraid' the HD 660S might sound too lean (e.g. no bass). I tried the HD 600 and 650 before and didn't like them. I am not looking for a bass canon but something balanced. From everything I read, the HD 560S is close. But I might software EQ them. Sennheiser AU's return policy seems contradicting so we'll see…

              • @zodiacnights: Hey bud, just dropping a note that I've got the HD 560S delivered today. TLDR. It is totally worth it. I can understand why DMS say the 560S can totally replace 58x and 6xx. The soundstage is really wide. Tonality is spot on for me and there's something about the imaging that makes me feel I shouldn't EQ it. It follows the Harman curve nicely too with a bit lower bass. But despite this, the bass goes deep and low.

                It is definitely a reference and flat headphone. As in if the song calls for bass, it delivers. Its also very bright but without treble fatigue. I wasn't sure if you were referring to the HD 660S or the 560S in your previous comment. But if you're a fan of the 500-series, definitely get the 560S.

                • @Davesday: Hey mate that is awesome news I am glad you like your HD560S! That wide soundstage is really appealing, makes for a tempting purchase. Perhaps Black Friday will bring a small discount.

                  • @zodiacnights: No problem! BTW if you’re open to EQing, search for Oratory1990 EQ settings library. He has a profile for 560S to bring it closer to Harman target but I found it taking away some of the specialties (for some reason I don’t know why). What I did was take the first 3 lower bands and input it into EQ APO. Brings the bass up even more and it is getting closer to my taste. The 560S already goes low and deep. This brings up the quantity without losing its specialties in the mids and highs.

          • @zodiacnights: So headphones (and most audio gear) exhibit pretty steep diminishing returns - the more expensive a headphone gets, the smaller the improvement in sound quality per additional dollar

            For example, the jump in audio quality from a $50 headphone to $300 headphone would be significantly greater than say the jump from a $1000 headphone to a $2000 headphone. I personally think the sweet spot is between $3-600 with the likes of the HD6XX and the Sundara.

            In my opinion to get noticeably better sound quality than the HD598, you'll have to start playing in the $600-1000 range. In particular, you might want to consider something like the Hifiman Sundara, the Audeze LCD-2C or the Drop X Dan Clark Aeons. You can certainly get great sounding headphones for far less - but they'll mostly sound different to your HD598s, not necessarily noticeably better.

            I also strongly recommend visiting a store like Addicted to Audio or Minidisc to audition headphones before buying one.

            • @poppingtags: Thank you kindly for your recommendations much appreciated!

              I agree completely about diminishing returns and am still enjoying my gear! I will research those headphones thank you.

              At the moment I’m using the HD598 plugged into a Fiio E17 connected to an airport express. I’m then using Apple Music and the recent tidal deal to stream over airplay and haven’t had one stutter. There is 0 hiss and not sure I want to plunge too much more money into it for the reasons you mentioned.

              I have visit the guys at Addicted to Audio all the time before COVID, they are the friendliest people - would recommend any day. Thanks for your advice

            • @poppingtags: "In my opinion to get noticeably better sound quality than the HD598, you'll have to start playing in the $600-1000 range. In particular, you might want to consider something like the Hifiman Sundara, the Audeze LCD-2C or the Drop X Dan Clark Aeons"

              I agree 100% , btw did you mean Sundara in above sentence?

          • @zodiacnights:

            They still sound amazing to me and the comfort is great

            Just keep using them then.

  • How do these compare to a Sennheiser HE-1?

  • Thank you so much OP, had my eye on these for many months.

  • got some from that fantastic detail noted above. fantastic head phones

  • Are we going to use these with the free 6 month Tidal subscription deal? ;-)

  • Excellent price for an excellent pair of headphones and a much better option than the newer Fidelio X3s, which seem to be a step down in every regard.

  • Sweet, thanks OP. These should compliment my Sennheiser 58X well.

  • I have better headphones than these, but I still find myself wanting a pair. I need help.

  • These or the ATh M50x for general use on PC. Games 50% music 50%.

    • I have both. For soundstage and comfortability definitely these. M50x have much smaller earcups. they're not very comfortable for long sessions, esp, in summer.

    • Depends what kind of games you play. For those fps and moba 3C games a closeback one seems better. You can see that most gaming headsets are close back as many detailed sounds like footsteps and breath from enemies are pretty much at low frequency

    • I'd hold out and wait another week for the Black Friday deals. Should be a lot of good headphones/headsets available.

      • These are made of metal and leather apart from the (replaceable) pads which are memory foam. Sure, there'll always be others that are good. But they're plastic. These on the other hand are amazing. You need to spend upwards of $600 for something that is comparable

    • +2 votes

      These ones for sure. Better soundstage, build construction and comfort.

  • i'm using the X2 atm and it's getting old. Whats the difference between the two

    • They're pretty much identical I think

    • Pretty sure the only difference is removable foam.

    • To give you to the audiophile answer: there was some controversy surrounding the X2s in 2014 after Gibson, the guitar brand, bought the Philips consumer electronics subsidiary, known as Woox Innovations, which resulted in changes to the manufacturing of the X2s, with numerous audiophiles swearing that the post-Gibson takeover X2s and subsequent X2HRs (also Gibson-made) were a noticeable step down in quality with a completely different sound stage (overall less bright, muted mids and more distortion) to the point that the Woox-made X2s and Gibson-made X2s/X2HRs sounded like entirely different headphones.

      It really depends on who you ask and which reviews you read, as some reviewers also state the X2HRs sounded better and more like the Woox-made X2s.

      For what it's worth, as someone with the original X1s (widely regarded as the best of the entire Fidelio X range) and X2HRs, I cannot tell the difference between them but be aware it was a big enough in terms of consumer feedback that Philips essentially felt the need to re-brand the X2s as the X2HRs after the switch to Gibson and slightly tweak the design (including the ear cup material and headband).

      • Thanks for that. I'm currently using an x1 and was contemplating whether it was worth the purchase given the price. I take it as a no

        • Yeah my X1s still work fine but the ear cup covering has finally given up and completely unglued itself on the inside of the cups (it's a pretty common issue), so they're not that great to wear anymore and the material has accumulated a lot of filth over the years as well.

          It is possible to replace the ear cup pads, but I haven't gotten around to it.

          As long as your X1s are still holding together quite well, I would stick with them but treat them gingerly.

  • Get this if you need a mic. It replaces the wire headphone jack wire.

  • Thanks OP. I have been waiting a very long time for these particular ones. There was a short time when the X2 was made by Gibson, but these X2s are superior. For those on the fence, get these before they are gone forever as the new replacement X3 model isn't as good.

  • I would've jumped on this but I saw reviews of how it has more bass, and I was looking for a more neutral profile. Now, I'm waiting for the possibility for the HD560S to go on sale.

    • If you are open to the idea of software equalisation, you can tune it as closely to the Harman curve as the headphones allow it.

  • Thanks OP just bought a pair

  • I have a pair of these, think I paid $230 last year for delivery they are insanely good cans, super comfy large and sound amazing!

  • I don't need em but I'm tempted.

  • anyway to know if these are the glued on pad version?

  • I was waiting for this to go on discount for such a long time. Thanks a lot OP.

  • anyone know if the earpads are replaceable?

  • I just recently bought to the SHP9500 for gaming, how do these compare?

  • Thanks got one. Let's see what the fuss is all about. :)

  • Anyone suggest a headphone stand for gaming with these?

  • I think these cans work great for casual listening and they dont need an amp to drive, I believe 30 ohms.
    Combined with a boom mic will be an excellent all-rounder.

  • These are my favourite headphones in my collection. Love them. Highly recommend.

  • I've bought these specifically for gaming, did ALOT of research for the best gaming headset that wasn't a gaming headset. These cam up every time. They are Open back, so you will need to have a generally quieter environment when you use them for gaming, but man an amazing sounds soundstage - I can tell when someone's around the corner or on the other side if the map. They go great when you pair them with something like Dolby atmosphere either through windows or when the game has audio positioning built in, again just opens them up.

    My 2 words about a complimentary mic is not to get something like vmoda where the stereo and mic are in the same cable (I have a legit vmoda and not a knockoff) A lot of mucking around with friends constantly complaining they can hear my game through chat. I would suggest an antlion mod mic.

    I like laning, and this is so tempting to pick up Some extra pairs at this price cause talking with friends in the same room whilst wearing these is what I'm looking for.

    • How have these been treating you? How do you think they compare to the ASTRO a40s?

      • I haven't done a direct comparison with the a40s, though I have a mate who had the wireless astro model, and I have sampled them. From memory the Fidelios were more punchy and 'fun', whilst the astros, to be honest sounded good but lacking something. Sorry I can't be more specific its been a while since trying them.

  • Hmm - can't decide what to grab. Spend ~4 hours a day wearing headphones at a PC gaming/listening to music.

    Philips Fidelio X2HR + V-Moda BoomPro Microphone = $232. Better audio quality however only really usable for PC gaming at home. 40% cheaper setup.


    Sony wh1000xm4b + V-Moda BoomPro Microphone = $400. Portable, could use wireless on public transport commute to work/work calls. Or for a wireless setup with computer when not gaming and just want to listen to music.

    • That's an apples and bowling balls comparison you've made there.

      One is an entry-level audiophile, open-back, wired headphone that's extremely comfortable to wear with very breathable memory foam on the ear cups, designed for listening in a quiet environment with a sound quality comparable to headphones that cost $100 dollars more, made out of high-quality aluminium and leather with very little plastic in their construction and that commands a rather premium look.

      The other is one of the two best wireless, ANC Bluetooth headphones on the market, with a sound quality that might be regarded as high-end for wireless headphones but that sounds utterly garbage compared to almost anything wired that costs around $200, that's nowhere near as comfortable to wear with a much narrower headband, with terrible, faux-leather coated ear cups that trap heat and resemble a sweaty, hot mess after you wear them for any longer than 10 minutes, that still suffers from random firmware and connectivity issues like repetitive, intermittent disconnections, still has a garbage microphone that is unusable anywhere except in a sound-proof booth and really requires Bluetooth adapters or devices that support higher-bitrate LDAC codecs to get the most out of them, especially if you care about sound quality. They're also made entirely out of plastic and look completely forgettable.

      I have the X2HRs and the XM3s and given the latter sounds exactly the same as the XM4s according to most reviews I've seen, if I could only have one, it would be the X2HRs without a doubt. There's no way I would choose listening to the compressed, tinny, distorted soundstage of the XM3/XM4 all day long just to have the benefits of wireless headphones and the ability to take calls.

  • Thanks, OP, great post!

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations around configuring the Waves MaxxAudioPro driver, or disabling/removing it in favour of an alternative? I find that it tends to unpleasantly affect music quality etc when I plug in headphones. I've tried to play around with the settings, but I haven't seen very favourable results. I use a Dell XPS 13 if that's of any help. Cheers!

  • Am I right in saying that these arent bluetooth?

    Sorry to offend the audiophiles.

  • This looks awesome. Does anyone know with the boom mic if it’s ok for WFH calls (Zoom, MS Teams)? Reviews I’ve found say it’s good for gaming chat, that’s similar to work right? Lol.

  • Given its a detachable cable. You could also purchase a Bluetooth receiver (I would recommend one with aptx hd and low latency) and plug it in with a double ended 3.5mm and turn it wireless.

  • They're only 32ohm headphones. Drives them no problem

  • I've had them for 3 years now, highly recommend.

  • Hey all, I want to grab these to replace my AD700's that are packing it in, I see the OP says the deal is back on, but when I follow the link they're $392. I guess this means I have to wait till the 24/11 when they're back in stock? Sorry I never use Amazon haha…