RODE Stereo VideoMic PRO - Audio Only Comes through Right Channel

Hi OzBargainers,

I've recently bought a RODE Stereo VideoMic PRO in-store from camerahouse.

I put in a battery and started recording some music with it on a Canon EOS RP. When I exported the video files to my computer and played them back, I found that the audio only came through the right channel (as in, my left ear had nothing).

I tried to single out the source of the issue by playing other music on my PC to make sure it wasn't my headphones or PC playing up, and they were fine.

The Canon EOS RP has live audio feedback/monitoring so I plugged my headphones into the camera directly and I heard that the audio was still coming through the right channel. I unplugged the microphone just to test if it was my camera acting up. The in-built camera mic's live feedback was working fine.

I've sent a support ticket to RODE but I'm considering going back to Camerahouse to get a refund/replacement. However, I live 2 and a half hours away from town so I just wanted to post on here to see if any OzBargainers have a fix or if I'm just being dumb and it's a software/hardware problem with an easy solution.

Many thanks in advance,


  • You might want to check the mic cable is not mono.

    • That's an interesting thought, I'm using the short L-cable that was supplied with the microphone itself; I assumed that it would be plug and play.

      • It is plug and play - the VideoMic Pro's cable is stereo.
        Does the jack plug all the way into the camera? The tip has the left channel, so if it's not inserted far enough in it might be connecting to the socket's right channel.

        • Hey mate - yes, I've tried fiddling with the jack plug but I'll try again once I get home from work. Yes the reason why I purchased it was because it was Stereo (I wanted record music and video).

          • @tacos4brekkie: You can plug the mic into your PC if it has a separate mic input (if colour-coded, it'll be pink).
            For laptops, tablets and phones that have a combined headphone/mic connector, you'll need a TRS-to-TRRS adapter, or a splitter as John suggests.

            I've had no problem with Rode's SC4 cable to connect a Stereo VideoMic Pro to my phone:

            • @Thrift: Hey mate, thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I don't have any other equipment to test with. I've just called camerahouse and they've told me to come in-store this weekend to single out the issue and possible just get a replacement, either the camera or the microphone.

  • Could also be your camera mic jack. Have you tried plugging the Videomic to a different camera/recording device? Or try plugging a different mic to the camera?

    • Will try to test this out when I get home. Would it be possible for me plug the mic into any other device with a 3.5mm jack? (e.g. an iPad or PC). If it really is my camera I'd be so cut LoL.

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        Not really, you need a TRRS splitter to separate the input/output connection. But even then, I don't think iPad or PC can take a stereo microphone to test both channel properly. You need a recording device that has a dedicated mic input (not one where it doubles as headphone out). Fingers crossed the problem is not with the camera…

        • I've gotten both of them with warranty at the store so worst case scenario is I get either one of them replaced in-store. I don't have any sort of other microphone with a 3.5mm jack to test so my best bet might be to call the store and see if I can get it tested with another microphone there. Thoughts?

      • Alternatively, if you have a spare 3.5mm stereo jack, try plugging it to an device with audio out (eg. iPad/PC) and straight to your camera to simulate an audio feed and see if the camera can pickup both channels.

        • Unfortunately I don't have that cable on hand at the moment (nobody has use for an AUX cord these days). Thanks for the suggestions though, they really help.

          • @tacos4brekkie: No worries. You may be able to buy an aux cord more easily in nearby store than it is to find a microphone for testing. But regardless, looks like either way you have to bring in to store for warranty claim anyway. Best of luck.

  • I haven't used the new RODE Stereo VideoMic PRO or your camera. As others have mentioned, it could be the cable, it could be the input on the camera or it could be a faulty microphone. It might not have a clean connection. Try turning the plug and see if that does anything. Try cleaning the connection that plugs into the camera. It can happen with annoying frequency with non locking connectors.

    It could also be a setting. Does the Rode (and your camera mind you) have a setting switching it from stereo to mono. Check your manuals to work this out.

    If I remember right, the audio cable isn't fixed in the microphone. Try plugging a set of headphones directly into the microphone and see if it's output is correct.

    • Nah, the cable on the Stereo VideoMic Pro is fixed, you can't plug in headphones.

      • That makes it a little harder to test. Plug it into a phone/computer to see if it's a faulty port.