[NSW] Fee Free TAFE JobTrainer Courses for Eligible Persons


Eligibility Criteria - there is also a check your eligibility tool online

To be eligible for a fully subsidised place you must meet Smart and Skilled eligibility guidelines which are:

  • live or work in NSW
  • be an Australian Citizen, a permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen, or a humanitarian visa holder
  • have left school

AND meet one of the following criteria:

  • aged from 17 to 24 inclusive (regardless of employment status and including Year 12 School leavers)^, or
  • in receipt of a Commonwealth Government benefit, or
  • an unemployed person, or
  • people expected to become unemployed
  • anyone whose contract is ending soon

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  • Applies to VIC too

    • It applies to Victorians for the following reasons:

      unemployed and clients of the Jobs Victoria Employment Network

      retrenched workers

      automotive supply chain workers

      looking to change careers

      Couldn't find any mention of being eligible when a contractor is finishing their contract.

  • +15 votes

    "people expected to become unemployed"
    well that's depressing…

    • Please don't sign up for courses just for an email address.

      RTOs only have limited number of JobTrainer places available per qualification. If you are signing up with no intention to actually do the course, you are taking away from someone who might actually want/need to do a course for free due to their financial circumstances.

      • +13 votes

        And also adding a large amount of work for the poor teachers and lecturers who have to keep track of the missing students and contact them when they start missing submissions and assessments…

        So congratulations, you made everyone's day worse by being a selfish idiot who wants to get an .edu address.

      • If they don’t register fully they won’t take up one of the spots. I work at a TAFE and we wouldn’t add the spots until they sign a declaration. If they don’t show they’ll be deleted from their units and the Job Trainer spot reversed.

  • would i qualify if i relocate to NSW to do the course? QLD is kinda depressing to live in for me… :(

  • *Anyone whose contract is ending soon can apply as well.
    OP you can add this in the description.

  • I recall South Australia had something similar to this years ago

    definitely looks like there's way more interesting courses available in New South Wales

    • That Cyber Security course. Does this mean Australia is finally taking cyber security seriously? Who knows but does make me curious.

      • scomo is chucking a bit of money at ASD so i think the govt is finally getting serious. i'm studying cs right now and honestly even if i don't end up getting a job i'll still come away with heaps of useful skills i can use elsewhere. just don't study remotely, it's a pretty shit way to learn this, even if it revolves around computers.

        • Could you elaborate on the shortcomings of taking the CS course remotely?

          • @Scrooge McDuck: i'll be as succinct as i can (and leave out specific gripes about my RTO):

            1. course requirements: basic computer literacy is given as the minimum, however i've found that it's not the case - networking hardware and linux/kali rely a lot on understanding how command line interfaces work. i've ended up leaning on my teenage dos days far more than i would have thought. in my course i've seen ppl with dyslexia and other literacy problems really struggle with this bc cli is so unforgiving of mistakes.

            2. computer hardware & internet speed: if you are studying remotely then this part is super essential. lots of subjects require virtual machine software and more than 1 VM running, all while still connected to class. all of which needs a fast net connection and lots of RAM in order to run properly. imagine if you are stuck while doing a vm lab and you can't even speak to the teacher (who by the way can't see your screen). it is hellishly frustrating and disadvantages those who might not have access to better equipment. this wouldn't be an issue with on-campus classes, where all the computers are the same and everyone is together.

            3. remote learning: this is tough on both ends. i started CS just as covid kicked in and i haven't had a single in-person class yet. i totally underestimated how important the social side was in a learning environment - being able to chat to classmates about schoolwork, or just shoot the shit and have a beer - these social things make a difference with how engaged someone is in the course. and don't get me started about trying to do group projects remotely, i'm still recovering. i can also see the toll it is taking on teachers too: often if classes aren't particularly engaged then it would be like teaching to a silent wall, which is pretty demoralising. I know with remote learning this year that some of my teachers haven't had a break this year (faculty meetings about improving remote learning) and can often be teaching 10 hours a day in front of a computer (which is depressing af) there has been lots of software and apps bandied about to "help" students "engage" but no-one seems to want to use them.

            4. course structure: there's a lot of content in this course - i was told when i enrolled that it usually take 18months to deliver but they had to cram it into 12 in order to qualify for government subsidy. so course was already jam packed but given all the issues with delivering remote learning, i've definitely struggled with keeping up. (in response i think the RTO have simplified some assessments, but that only worries me about how good my "qualification" actually is)

            5. the good stuff: no commute! logging into class in pyjamas! making the best of covid down-time! proving to myself that i can be self-motivated to study!

            ok i did rant a little but i hope that helps - am happy to answer any other questions you might have about doing CS

  • How do Advanced diplomas compare to Bachelors degrees in terms of workload?

    Can anyone comment on the viability of doing an Adv Diploma and Certificate at the same time?

  • -2 votes

    Seems everyone in here's under 25, awesome

  • What's the definition of "soon"?

  • Are there any other universities free under job trainer?

  • If you are eligible, I wonder if you can do multiple courses

  • It is not exactly free now, is it? It seems more like subsidized fee for the courses.

    • How is it not free?

      You do a course and don't pay any money for it.

      • I was trying to sign up for a course. It says I still need to pay ~$2.5k for that, even though I am eligible for JobTrainer.

        • You sign up for a course, if there are JobTrainer places remaining for that course you will be offered a place and then you are enrolled for free.

        • I was also having the same issue with the online enrolment saying I needed to pay, I called them and was able to enroll fee-free over the phone without any issues