Target Cancelling Orders

Anyone else have Target regularly either refund partial orders, or cancel orders?

Literally every order I do, an item ends up being out-of-stock.

This time round I ordered all Target basics like chinos/t-shirts, my order was $82 and they refunded me $80.

Theyre still sending me three t-shirts, which are valued at $22.

On top of that, my cashback was $20. No idea if this will be cancelled now due to their partial refund.

I'm not complaining, but I just can't believe that their standard chino range is out of stock.


P.S. I bet if I go to my local store, there will be stock in all colours of all chinos!

I wonder if they've just refunded the amount because it was part of the original spend $100 received $20 back, and then Target had 20% cashback.

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    Yeah.. 100% cashback will be cancelled.. either way, you got $22 for the price of.. $2 so, seems like a win?

    • I still want the Chinos however, so in theory I'm still down.

      It could be worse, it's just frustrating.

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    Why not just visit your local store?

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      Probably cause he wants to get the cashback

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      Because there was the spend $100 received $20 back, and 20% cash back at the same time.
      My original order was 2 chinos, 4 tshirts and 1 sweater for $82 + $20 tracked for cashback

      In store, just two chinos cost me $60 alone hence I would it online during the sale

      • Fair enough.
        But your attempt to get a $20 refund, and 20% cashback was unsuccessful. So, do you or don't you want the chinos? And if you do, it seems they will cost you $60.

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    kmart is like that
    ordered an air fryer and some bubble mix, air fryer cancel, then send bubble mix with free postage

    round 2, air fryer and book, same thing, air fryer cancelled they sent a book with free postage

    round 3, finally got my air fryer!

    there system inventory is terrible, u can order it and get cancelled the next day

    • If I go on the Target website, there's stock for the chinos that I ordered.

      That's what I'm saying, it makes absolutely no sense to me.

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    Yeah experienced the same thing, my order was half refunded once (all the items I actually need) and they sent out the additional items that I bought to get $45 to get free delivery :(

  • Yes I got refunded for an order I place y'day T'day received an ad (email) from Target that the item was available where I promptly ordered again and got refunded.
    Go Figure ?

  • Also Kmart, Myer… are quote common in my experience.

    Bricks and Mortar companies having a go at (wannabe) online shopping… nothing against them, but their online shopping experience seems haphazard as a customer.

  • Target is pretty much a dumpster fire when it comes to stock management at the level needed for online ordering.

    Walk around one of their stores, especially in clothing, and its obvious they can't possibly know where all this stock is. Online inventory levels would be not much better than an estimation of what's actually available.

    It's definitely a "take what you can get" arrangement with those guys (amongst others).

  • this happened to me today. ordered 2 toys, buy 1 get 2nd 50% off, and 1 item gets cancelled, the other item is now at full price.
    tried calling to get the whole order cancelled, but the wait is 70 minutes?!?
    sent an email, actually got processed and cancelled and refunded within a few hours.

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      I'm just hoping that they're so stupid that I still get my cashback.

      as it stands, I did manage to get 3 t-shirts for $2 😂

  • Yep. Mrs ordered a bunch of kiddy clothing items for xmas. bunch of stuff got canceled yesterday. Shes pretty annoyed

  • Just wondering, has anyone tried asking why a product was cancelled?

  • Same thing happened to me just now. Placed an order for a click and collect and as soon as the order was processed it was cancelled. Utterly ridiculous. Furthermore, I probably won't be eligible for bonus points using Flypay for the first time. Not using Target again.

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