Please Help Me Think of a Really Annoying Online Gaming Username to annoy my friends?

Ok I am back to online gaming, csgo, fortnite, what I really want is to have a user name which is really annoying to my friends (or other gamers), everytime they are killed by me they are going like, oh man! Not this guy again kind of annoying, please remember its annoying, not rude….

So far I came up with whatever is in the poll

Love the following suggestions so far:

Your Ex

PS: Poll is up!

Thanks for all the input, decided to go with the Fried Potato with CSGO and Stupidity for Fortnite!

Poll Options

  • 4
    40 year old virgin
  • 2
    Chicken Manure
  • 0
  • 1
    Come and get me
  • 0
    Didn't pass year 7
  • 4
    Fried potato
  • 0
    I am a 2 year old
  • 1
    I am really dumb
  • 2
    IQ 20
  • 0
    Longtime Loser
  • 3
    Mr Poo
  • 0
    Rubbish collector
  • 0
    Spring chicken
  • 21
  • 1
    Your Ex
  • 1


  • +18

    Stupidity. Then, next time you play CoD, it will say your fried was killed by Stupidity.

    • Haha! Love this one! Upvoted!

  • It'd be easier to choose a name that looks funny when you get killed by someone else.

    • I want a name which is annoying instead:)

  • Your Mother

    • I think it’s kind of rude in a way….but I understand where you coming from…’s like been back to 10 years old and the mother always says no more gaming

  • +2

    Pro Laps A-Nurse

    The most pro and highest grade Laps Nurse there is.

    • I am not sure about this one tbh…..

  • +25

    Maximum cringe. This thread, not a name.

    • +1

      That name is too long for some games.

    • I think it is a bit long for some games too

    • But i didn't pass year 7 :[

  • Noob killer

    • Lots of noobs in both games

  • What's the maximum amount of characters?


    • I think it’s around 20 for CSGO and I haven’t tested out how many for Fortnite yet

  • Salt Miner

    • Doesn’t sound annoying enough

  • +1

    Your_Right_Nut. You were killed by…

  • "Head Shot"

    • Seen a lot user name line that on CSGO

  • +13


  • Twat dispatcher

  • +5


    • That’s way too loving!

  • +5


    • Oh yes! Too bad there are lots of trupms already

  • yourworstnightmare - Rambo

  • COVID-19

    Too early?

    • Plenty on CSGO and Fortnite

      • I was the OG Covid-19 back when it came in. Many a good joke about not wanting to be on my team, come near me, being killed by or surviving, being the cure for etc.

        Would be too late now for that name.

  • +1


  • Phil_mcrackin, ice_wallow_come,Sug_madic,Mike_Lytoris.

    • Moist Purse - I think that'll get under the skin of many, especially playing with a headset in front of other people.
    • K9P - They may not get it a first but they may find themselves saying "I got Canine Pee", when referring to killing you to their team mates.
    • FourCandles / ForkHandles, or to irritate me, ForkCandles.
    • Oooooooooh - self explanatory/exploratory.
    • EXboks-ternov - If you're playing on Xbox.
    • Why would 4 candles irritate you?

  • +3


    • Could consider for sure!

    • Now I think about it Aerith-Waifu might not be too bad. Especially if you are in the Tina Camp……

      • I will let you use it for a small fee.

  • +1


    • 'You talking to me? Punk?' name the movie!

  • YerMumzBum

  • BlazeVape420

    Clearly a 12 yr old

  • +1

    Just go with anal herpies.

    • That is just brutal………

      • No body wants to be killed by anal herpies.

  • CovaidGrannySmasher!

  • i-pay-rrp < warning it might be too scary


    • I don’t think the players from Russian or Europe or Even Asia will know who he is…..

      • maybe knob-jockey, pole-smoker, pillow biter?

  • xX_FPSG0D_Xx


  • +1


    • +1

      Get the dogs

  • +1

    Mike Hunt
    Eric Hunt
    Mark Hunt

    • Mike hunt is a good one, but I am sure I have seen it

      • Bet you haven't seen his brother Eric though.

        Or Dirk.

  • Beef Flaps

  • iloveladyboys

    • They was a guy I think on CSGO called himself Iamaladyboy…..

  • I guessing by the nature or this post that using your real name would more likely annoy your friends the most :-p

    • +1

      Well I suppose I can use abbreviations….

  • COVID VACCINE - you were killed by

  • Your Master… You were killed by Your Master… or you can introduce yourself in chat…. I am your Master

  • +1

    Mike Hunt - You were killed by Mike Hunt

    • +1

      i love it. nice and clean. just like
      Mike Rotch
      Moe Lester
      Pat McGroin
      Phil McCrack
      Wayne King
      Jenny Talia
      Ben Din Ova
      Hugh Jazzman

    • I am certain I saw a Mike Hunt in CSGO already

  • a noob

    you were killed by "a noob"

    • Lots of Noobs in Fortnite


  • Try my OzB username

  • asdfghbjnkml,swedrft

  • Since this thread has quietened down…
    And everyone is gone…
    * whispers *

  • Hoofhearted.

  • King Phallus

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