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Sunbeam Copper Infused DuraCeramic Air Fryer 3L 1500 Watt - $99 @ The Good Guys


3 Litre capacity and weighs circa 5kgs.
3.8 out of 5 stars on Product Review

The Sunbeam Copper Infused DURACERAMIC Air Fryer is a great way to create crispy, delicious food using 99.4% less oil than standard deep frying. The unique coating ensures durability, even cooking and easy clean-up. Copper infused DuraCeramic Coating for durability and excellent heat conduction. The coating will not flake or peel. This compact appliance features a large basket size for a variety of meals and holds a bag of fries (based on 600g bag size). The 30 minute timer, temperature control up to 200 degrees, and an audible ready to eat alert so you know when dinner is ready makes daily use a breeze! The safe to touch handle and removable fry basket make cooking and clean up easy. The appliance has cord storage for less clutter. The product is PFOA and PTFE free for peace of mind.

Thanks to Price Hipster for the find.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Sunbeam bring back the old halo duraceramic that turns food itself, baffles me as why they discontinued their ingenious design..

  • Surly Copper Infused can't taste good, I'll wait for the salted caramel version.

  • Why not buy the Kmart 3.2l the reviews are better and it's $69 delivered.

  • $88 on the good guys commercial site if you have membership.

  • As an owner of 2 air fryers I can tell you that 3L is too small for a lot of things. You can't even cook a full bath of chips in that (bag is normally 750g or 1kg).

    Worth paying more for a bigger machine.

    • Enough for 2 people though? Could you put say a couple of schnitzles in there?

      • Barely? You'd have to cook schnitzels separate from the chips or potatoes you have on the side.
        You don't want to have to wait 15mins for the meat to cook and another 15 for veggies to cook.

        If you cram too much food in, it won't cook properly.

        Would suggest just getting a bigger cheap air fryer from Kmart or kogan

        • Looks like you're cooking 1KG bags of chips though?
          There is no way my partner and I would ever cook 750g or 1 KG of chips, That's like 4 meals.

        • One thing to note is this basket is ceramic, not that teflon coated crap that the Aldi one is or other cheaper ones ie Kmart is (I have last years Aldi one).

          Teflon ends up coming off (It's also something you shouldn't ingest).

          It's not long lasting and I need to replace it because the basket is screwed (and I don't wash it in the dishwasher).

          I also 'cram mine' and it cook's fine, ie 90%. But maybe I'm not overly fussy…idk.

          The ceramic coating won't flake. It can't. ~It's not a coating.~ (it is..but should be stronger than teflon coatings). This basket should last a long time.

      • We (2 people) just got the 5L one from ALDI on the weekend. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-14-...

        We have used it pretty much every day since and we can usually just fit enough in it for the both of us. Anything smaller would be difficult. You can fit 4 x Four and Twenty Pies. Two pieces of frozen cod and bok choy (quartered) (both in foil). Last night we did ~350 grams of salt and pepper squid (for a salad) and 8 gyoza at the same time, both taking up half of the space each in the basket without layering.

        I hope this helps.

  • Is this bigger than the kmart 7L?