Sonos Black Friday Deals from a Dealer. Sonos Beam : Save $150 + more

Browsing the sonos Australia Facebook page and a authorised dealer has shared his upcoming black Friday deals for some Sonos products

One SL - Save $70
One - Save $70
Sonos Beam - Save $150
Sonos Move - Save $150
Sonos Sub - Save $200

Guy is a confirmed Sonos dealer, but the sales are unconfirmed.


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  • Do you know if the unidays 15% off would be on top of this discount?

    • Just tried the code and it is only valid off the RRP and not the newly discounted price

  • looks like was good intel given the deals popping up today on amazon, videopro etc, cheers

  • I have been waiting for some deals on the sun + arc, but now contemplating the beam.

    I’ve got an open plan area, kitchen/dining/living.

    Whilst I don’t expect the beam to fill the entire space with noise, will it still be effective for TV viewing? Or best to just get the ARC

    • I've got the same type of area. beam does fine for general TV viewing. I've got a One SL in the kitchen space, so joining the 2 together and adjusting levels as needed is pretty cool for TV if you're not sitting on the couch. I do keep wondering about the Arc though, wider physical box, more internal speakers….. more $$!! haha

  • question to Arc owners here, do you all have TVs with eARC?

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      Nope. Just ARC here. TV apps and Xbox Series X are all outputting atmos via Dolby digital plus which is compressed audio.
      Only need eARC if you want full uncompressed audio from like a blu ray or other source that can spit out an uncompressed signal

      • Thanks mate. I only have ARC on the TV and I'm planning to get Sonos Arc

  • is it better than Video Pro offer?

  • so?

  • No black or white Beam in entire Melbourne according to JB Customer service. Item is also marked out of stock online by JB

  • Has anyone returned a product back to Sonos within the 100days?

    If so, was the process easy? I assume as long as it’s not damaged it can be opened/used etc.

  • I managed to pickup a Sonos Arc, Sub gen 3, 1x One and 1x One SL for $2400 from JB HiFi, pretty happy with that as the video pro offer they wanted $395 for postage! Only issue is I just found out that the One doesn't allow Google Assistant while paired with the Arc, I might return it and swap for an SL, or just order another SL..

    First Sonos products I've purchased, have only setup the 2 Ones, pretty happy with them, haven't unboxed the Sub and need to pickup the Arc from a different store so haven't experienced the full setup as yet. Next purchase will have to be a New TV, might wait for more HDMI 2.1 availability.

    Was wondering if I made a mistake grabbing all black speakers tho, as seeing a couple of setup pics, it seems white blends nicer as wall mounts?

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