Black Friday Expectations

Im hoping to pick up a good TV but i have been burnt by these online sales days before - most of them have be very disappointing lately - ie click frenzy etc

what are you hoping to pick up during black Friday?

I've added a poll on your expectations for the event?

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Poll Options

  • 2
    High expectations - Loads of bargains and good buys
  • 35
    Moderate - Some bargains should be able to pick up what I'm after
  • 75
    Low expectations - very few good buys otherwise a crap event
  • 13
    No expectations - going to be another jack fest and slight discount on RRP but no bargains


  • +1

    The best TV deals I found were on ebay plus when they stack 20-30% off an already cheap price.
    I picked up a Hisense 65Q8 for $1920.

    I initially wanted a 75Q8 for around $2500 - I may still get one if it ever hits that price. But a 65Q8 for
    $1920 was too hard to pass up.

  • I'm not after much this year, hoping for a GPU deal though I don't expect too much with the current state of the GPU market. Maybe some RTX20-series clearance deals
    Might pickup some video games, Amazon usually provides a decent selection there especially when running flash deals

  • +1

    Low to moderate. I'm in the market for a laptop so should get some decent action there, but equally it probably won't be that much better than what I'd be able to get from shopping around anyway. Lenovo have got a few going at the moment anyway that I'm close on, really just waiting to see what happens next week before pulling the trigger.

  • I'm hoping all my annual subscriptions will offer another blackfriday deal, otherwise my budget this year might be borked.They must know by now that I need each of their services at any price.

  • Some of the lead up deals will match or better the day .

    Red Hot Alert Now !

  • Come on Switch!!

  • Black Friday Matters 😷

    • +5

      All Fridays Matter :D

  • Black Friday last year was significantly better than the Boxing Day sales. Sydney CBD last year for Black Friday was absolutely packed with a lot of stores doing good deals.

    Click Frenzy has always been a joke though. They have one every few months now.

  • Hoping to get an okay price on a Ryzen CPU and a new phone.

  • +1

    I'm hoping to get a deal on a Dreame V9 vacuum. Quite specific but hey you never know.

    • Me too! Let me know if you spot one

  • +1

    Is it just me or has there been a trend in the past few years where Black Friday and cyber Monday sales are getting better and Boxing Day sales are becoming a little lacklustre?

    • I wont lie and say there has been some great black fridays sales but these events often have 2-3 good years then they fall off a cliff!!

    • Black Friday > boxing day
      Black Friday > prime day
      ebay plus month > prime day
      Black Friday > ebay plus month

      Black Friday is the most popular sales event of the year, with (arguably) the best deals. eBay plus month is pretty good (though frustrating for most people as it is quite competitive) with their $1 mega deals, $99 AirPods, I've never seen offered elsewhere (primarily bc ebay is taking a loss with these deals)

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