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40% off Full Priced Items over $250 @ Mango (MNG)


Please note: 40% comes off the items which are not discounted.

Mango (a.k.a M.N.G or MNG) is a Spanish based fast-fashion brand.

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    MANGO PRE-BLACK FRIDAY | 40% off for Purchases over $250

    How many mangoes do you get for $250 ???

  • +1 vote

    I must say, I came in here hoping for REAL mangos at 40% off. Disappointed is an under statement.

  • This store seems like its good for plus size peeps. Mens pants start at size 36. Ive never seen that before.

  • what’s fast fashion?

    • If you go back to the 90's and 00's you still had 4 fashion seasons a year - typically replicating the four real seasons. With the advent of a connected world, fashion doesn't change in seasons any more, trends and seasons can last as little as a few weeks.

      Fast fashion brands are responsible for quickly transferring catwalk clothing to actual stores - often using low cost designs.

  • I was loading up a cart, but at some point paused to look up some reviews.
    For the online store, they're prettyy bad. I'm bailin'.

    • Have bought numerous times from them and it’s fine. They’re the same quality as country road/Witchery but much more affordable when you purchase on sale. Easy returns via courier too.

    • I have bought from them a couple of times too and didn't have any issues.
      I didn't have to return so I can't comment on the return process.

      I would say their quality is more of a Zara quality.

  • Mango not only the best fruit ever created by God and is also a great fashion house. nuff said.

  • I checked out the website a week ago, and was very surprised at the prices as Mango in Spain and the UK is as cheap as H&M.