Investment or Ideas to Grow for 20K

I have some savings around $20K. Are there any safe investments or ideas to grow the amount or start earning against it? I was saving to get a house but it seems so far with that amount. Suggestions please


  • Might be good to add in some details about yourself and what you're looking for? Are you hoping to retire early? Are you and older or younger person? Do you require liquidity in your investment (availability to pull out when needed heh). Are you looking for a house specifically or a starter apartment to grow from later. Do you have family/dependents, or expect to start one in the next 5 to 10 years?

    • sorry mate. i got a family and dependent. not hoping to retire anytime im 31 yrs old. will like liquidity but can wait for any specific time if its fruitful. will be after a family home but that money is too less for that

  • Wonder if it's possible to buy into a 1% share of a McDonald's franchise or something. I think McDonald's franchises earn a lot more than McDonald's shares, per dollar put in. Especially if you ignore all the failed stores.

    • Yeah….nah…

      Why would a mcd franchisee want to sell you a share ?

      • I'd imagine most agreements would provide McDonald's a first option to repurchase.

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      if you ignore all the failed stores

      If you ignore the failed shares (companies) or failed futures/options trades, you'd be looking at much greater returns.

      And if you ignore the failed lottery entries, wow, what a return.

  • When do you need the money back?
    Can you stand it if you lose any of your capital?

  • Put it all in on NVA on the ASX
    About to boom, triple your money in a year

    • Heap leeching ?

  • People can keep their money safe in a bank and earn 0.01% to 3.00% APY.

  • Vdhg and be responsible


    Yolo it all on r/ASX_Bets/

  • Bitcoin. Put it in now, come back in 10 years and it will be a LOT.

    • is it legal in Aus? can i sell it anytime?

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        Don't do it. You will get rekt. Stick to legacy investments.

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        lol, yes it's completely legal. I've more than doubled my investment this year. The neggers will try to keep you away because they don't understand it. Have a look at Independent Reserve. Australian based, reports to the ATO etc. All above board.

  • best put it in industry super funds eg sunsuper or hostplus have active investing in parts. best put in fixed deposit while we have a world recession. study investment and trading and get skills there. learn about etfs, tax, and slowly vary your asset allocation on risk and reward. all asset classes have risk, even bonds, when rates are so low. you can put a max of $300000 over 3 years I think. check with the ATO - tax office. sunsuper may give free advice if you join them. learn yourself. have found financial planners I used were mediocre. and expensive.
    do not buy a house until you are sure of staying there for life. another study in itself. REITs went down a lot. learn how to invest slowly and diversify. houses will go down in recessions also.
    as your go through life you may move house and rentals will be easier.
    when you retire you may buy a house for cash and life rent free the bank interest is a killer and you can earn more invested within your risk tolerance.
    be safe, as risk in downturns will show you are more conservative than you think.
    learn and get advice - this is not advice, just an opinion without prejudice.

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      I'd like to invest in a capital letter, and maybe diversify into paragraphs…

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    Index fund like VDHG, VTS or VAS would be my recommendation

  • Save is put in bank and get interest, but interest rate is terrible…

    Everything else has risks…

    You’ll need to take some risks, the question is can you afford to lose money? There isn’t an absolute winner, if so everyone is doing it and you won’t be asking here.

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    If you don't need the funds anytime soon, you can put it into your super then later withdraw it under the First Home Super Saver scheme ($15k a year max/ $30k overall max plus taking into consideration current super contribution limits).

    Otherwise it will need to stay there until retirement age, but is still a good saving on tax either way. You can either do salary sacrifice or lodge a tax deduction by contirbuting it yourself - you pay 15% on tax in super as opposed to your income tax bracket.