Xbox Ultimate Subscription Expiring

Hi guys,

I currently have Xbox Ultimate Subscription which is gonna expire tomorrow.
I've disabled the recurring billing and try some redeem code.

I've done that $1 conversion from Gold once so I'm not sure if I can try it again after my subscription expires.

Is there anybody able to tell me if there is any current "how to" to have a long term subscription again?

Thank you


  • Click the renew button, pay $16 a month like everyone else.

  • or… pick up a few 12 month gold subscriptions for 79 each (jbhifi might have a few left for 49) and upgrade (up to 3 years) to ultimate for 16 (you can only upgrade once for a dollar)

    • Thank you

      Yeah, I'll do that as it seems the best option without headaches with Brazil workarounds :)
      I might wait for Black Friday to see if any Gold promotion comes up.

  • I did the $40 Brazil code thing to get three years for $120. Realistically if I spent time at work doing overtime for every hour I wasted congratulating myself over that deal, then I would have been ahead in profits if I just paid full price.

    • Silly me. I did it once without expecting I would get so addicted with playing online.
      Yep, I was an offline player with campaign only games. CoD changed my mind hahaha and now I wanna have the 3y if possible but without much headache haha
      I won't die 4 days without playing CoD so I can wait until Black Friday.

  • Have any black Friday deals been announced for xbox live subscriptions?

    • Nothing yet so far. I am waiting for Gold like crazy.
      My Ultimate Subscription expired yesterday \o/

      • I caved and bought 12 months at rrp.
        Hoping to load it up with another 24months and convert to game pass.

        • hahaha I refuse to pay RRP after seeing all the promotions I let got, silly me.
          I should have bought them in advance.
          3 more days without CoD, ohhh boy hahaha

        • @poulay I renew the subscription to monthly while waiting for some promo.
          I did try to buy one from a US eBay seller but it ended up in refund lol