Battery Powered Lawn Mower - Advice Needed

In the market for a battery powered lawn mower. Anyone know any good deals happening close to summer?
Anyone own any particular models that they would recommend for a medium size home on the Sunshine Coast?


  • Doubt you'll find any deals coming into summer when mowing becomes a fortnightly task rather than a once every couple of months thing. I do however have one of the Ryobi 18v and do a normal Sydney 70s size residential block with it which is much larger than it's rated for. I do use a 9ah battery with it which is enough to do the front and back and despite people who'll claim it's too weak etc I can go through grass that's taller than the mower without issue. You just pop a wheel with it and go in blades first. I did already have some Ryobi tools when I bought it and got the hedge and line trimmer first so it made sense to stay with the brand but I'm pretty happy with it. The only downside is it does have a narrow cut so I need to walk across the yard a couple more times than I would with a petrol mower but the pros vastly outweigh that.

    • Is it safe to pop a wheel?
      Do you wish you bought 36V?

      • Why wouldn't be? All you're effectively doing is raising the cutting height at the front. No, I don't regret not buying the 36v as the 18v handles the job fine and I already had other 18v gear. I probably would've bought the model that uses two 18v batteries if they still made them but they'd already stopped making them by the time I was looking.

        • Thanks. I've got small lawns and prefer the lighter weight of 18v models so will probably get that.

          • @fredblogs: I just checked the site as there's two models and I was going to say get the wider one even though it costs more (because it comes with battery and charger) as it has better height adjustment and just noticed they have a new brushless model that takes dual batteries. Big jump in price though but it is wider again which means less passes to cover the same area. If you can stretch the budget to that it's probably the best option.

            • @apsilon: I was thinking the narrower/lighter one would be more maneuverable around our lawns, they're only around 40m2 each with a tree in each one. Decisions…

              • @fredblogs: I have the 36cm model and one of the nice things is it cuts right up to the edge so you can cut right up to trunks, poles etc. I would expect the narrower one to be the same. They're all plastic so all pretty light compared to a traditional petrol mower. I'd say have a look at both at your local Bunnings and decide.

  • For a lawnmower or about a lawnmower ?

  • There is a new ozito 2 battery one that comes with the dual battery charger and 2, 4ah 18v batteries. Should be fine..

    I recently bought the Ryobi 36v with 5ah n fast chargeer kit, its been great and the mulch function is ok..

  • Victa 82V or the AEG 56V are my picks.
    Pricing is pretty competitive compared to any half decent Petrol Mower, both available at Bunnings, and extra Voltage generally equates to extra power.

    • I have the Victa and it goes well. Nothing to complain about with it really.

    • I got the victa 82v and it goes hard. Metal body, good battery life BUT the lowest cut setting is slightly too high, it needs to be an about 3-5cm lower.

      I wonder if I can angle grind a notch in… hmmmm…

      • The massive gap between the lowest and the next height is a bit annoying, I find the lowest too low personally. If it was 3-5cm lower it would be a bulldozer.

        • Which Victa do you guys have? 18inch or 21inch?

          I've been eyeing them off for a few weeks, but can't tell if the 21inch is worth double the price.

  • any particular models that they would recommend for a medium-size home on the sunshine coast

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  • Doesn't look like any sales for Black Friday?