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100% Cashback with BWS (Capped at $10) @ Jamjar (New Users)


Hey OzBargainers, Happy Sunday – Here is a new offer that we have for you!

The Offer

  • Register at www.joinjamjar.com.au or download the app (jamjar). Be sure to complete your registration by verifying via email and or SMS as instructed.
  • Make any purchase with BWS
  • The offer is valid till, 23rd NOV 2020 until 23:59 AEDT
  • Please see the offer here BWS
  • Limit of 1 transaction per new registration
  • Read store Terms and Conditions before making your purchase
  • Your Cashback will be tracked at standard rates for all and you will receive a bonus amount up to a total Cashback totalling 100% (capped at $10) that will appear as a separate Cashback within 7 days.
  • Bonus Cashback will initially be set as 'Pending' and change to 'Approved' when the transaction is marked as 'Approved'

If you have any questions reach out to [email protected] or via our chat onsite.


What is jamjar?
jamjar is an Australian owned and operated Cashback business.

Do I need to link my account to jamjar?
NO! You only need to link an account to earn Cashback in-store. We use BSB and Acc No to process withdrawals.

How much do I need in my account before I can request a withdrawal?
Once you have $10 or more of 'Available' Cashback you can make a withdrawal.

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  • For those wondering, JamJar is the rebranded plastiq.it cashback service.

    For some reasons Australians weren't keen on giving their bank account number to a site with an Italian domain!

    • Good to know. Wondering why they registered with an Italian domain in the first place? Tax evasion?


        Thanks for the interest in the name. Jamjar, money for jam is the new brand name of our consumer Cashback app.

        Plastiq.it still exists and is our B2B platform that household known brand names use for services in Rewards, Loyalty and Gift Cards. The reason we use the .it domain is for the global application of the technology but do own .com.au that redirects to the .it domain. We have a new group website coming that should allay any confusion that may exist for anyone that visits www.plastiq.it when it is live.

        All elements of Plastiq including jamjar are Australian owned and operated. You can find out a little bit more about us here if you're interested: http://anthillonline.com/serial-entrepreneur-andrew-banks-la...

        • "Co-Founder Andrew Banks says Plastiq is​a cashback rewards program that turns the existing model of data collection on its head.

          “Plastiq removes the need for loyalty cards, coupon codes and manual reward redemption while providing real cashback right into the pockets of consumers. Plastiq uses leading online to offline technology that enables it to also collect data from in-store transactions, providing a wider range of data insights than traditional services,” he said."

          Sounds like marketing bs designed to fool people who have yet to come across cashback to me. The model he's claiming "turns rewards on its head" is used by the two major cashback operators which appear on this website, only one of which is Australian. Other loyalty programs can co-exist with cashback, although some analysis I've read in the past suggests many actually offer sfa "reward" for your loyalty and you're FAR better off shopping around in many cases. ymmv

        • The reason we use the .it domain is for the global application of the technology

          Doesn't make any sense. If you want a globally recognisable and trusted domain you simply go dot com.

          I'm guessing you were trying to be cute and tried to turn the proper noun "Plastique" into a verb by ending it with "it"! Sadly cuteness resulted in confusion and a lack of trust.

          Anyway, in all seriousness, I hope Jam Jar succeeds, competition can only be good.

          That said, I think you will need to include a PayPal option for cashback payments before this happens. People will be suspicious that this isn't an option when both your competitors offer it.

  • +2 votes

    Soon enough if these cashback programs become so popular, that most people have one or another, most if not all sellers will be in them and we will simply get there margins built in to the cost of selling.

    • +1 vote

      That is one way of looking at it…

      The other side of the equation is that Cashback (Affiliate) provides a true pay-on-performance model in contrast to paying (variable rates) for media and hoping a sale occurs.

      Cashback (Affiliate) might be more profitable for merchants and bring down the cost of goods due to increased competition?

      Marketing and advertising is something that merchants have factored into gross margins and operating costs since the origins of business.

      At the end of the day it doesn't matter how thin a pancake is… it always two sides :)

      • Not quite what I was meaning.
        Is. How many online or instore transactions are liable to pay cashback?
        I have no idea but I'd guess it would be less than 5%.
        If a store does click and collect and say 5% are eligible for lower margin, it will be absorbed.
        If 50% of shoppers are getting some form of cashback, then it will certainly be factored in.

        As far as referral commission for online shopping, maybe, but the commission needs to pay 2 parties them, so I dunno if that's going make it better

        Anyway Goodluck

  • I created a new account today, it is showing only 2.03% cashback in the pending state.

    • +1 vote

      Welcome :)

      As per point 7 in the offer above; Your Cashback will be tracked at standard rates for all and you will receive a bonus amount up to a total Cashback totalling 100% (capped at $10) that will appear as a separate Cashback within 7 days.

    • Well, you are not getting 100% Cashback, so there's that.

  • How soon after sale did it track for others? I followed all the steps but there is no indication anywhere that the transaction has been tracked…


      Welcome :) Tracking is depend on getting a response back from the retailer - it can be close to instant but worst case scenario can be 48 hours.

      We've received the Cashback and have sent you a notification.