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[PC] GOG - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - $11.99 (was $39.99)/GOTY $23.69/Expansion Pass $9.99 - Humble Bundle


This is the all time lowest price for the standard edition.

You will get a GOG key which you can redeem on GOG.com and then get your DRM-free copy of the game there (so exactly the same as buying from GOG directly).
Same price as on GOG.
On Humble you can get $1.10 back into your Humble wallet, effectively lowering the price by another $1.10.
On the Expansion Pass you will get $0.91 back into your Humble Wallet.

All that considered the effective price paid for the GOTY version using the Expansion Pass trick is $19.97.

If you want the GOTY, then buy the Standard Edition and the Expansion Pass which will give you the GOTY edition for 21.98!

Expansion Pass: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-e...

GOTY: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-g...


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  • +3

    Update in 2021 coming offering improved visuals back ported from Cyberpunk 2077. Plus there is Halks texture upgrade pack that offers significantly higher resolution textures and a few higher polygon count meshes while still keeping the original asthetic.

  • +1

    Im a casual gamer that plays for story on easy mode. Is the GOTY version worth it? Does it add anything story wise or is it just a bunch of extra quests that dont actually matter?

    • +6

      Both DLCs introduce two new story's to the game. I particularly enjoyed Blood & Wine which introduced an entire new area of the map.

    • +5

      yeah get goty - extra content is like another 30 hrs of gameplay,

    • +8

      The Blood & Wine expansion is the best game I've played in my life.

      • +2

        Say no more lads. Thanks for the helpful replies. GOTY edition it is then.

        • +1

          If you play for the story you're going to have such a great time with this game. GOTY was definitely the way.

    • I bought the standard edition for a ~$5 saving and regretted it when I finished it, now I'd have to buy the GOTY edition as well to get the expansions.

      • Just get the expansion pass if you have the base game already on GOG.

        • I have it on PS4 but thought I'd chime in anyway.

  • +4

    If anyone is in 2 minds to buying this game - I own it and would happily pay full retail price of $99.95 for it. One of the best games I've ever played and you get a free upgrade to HD to 2021 so I'm gonna make the misso angry and replay this again.

    • +5

      It's one of the few games I played through to the end (and also played the 2 DLCs through to the end), it was that good. The only problem is that it spoiled other RPG games a bit because the rest all seemed a bit lacking.

  • Nice.

  • If you want the GOTY, then buy the Standard Edition and the Expansion Pass which will give you the GOTY edition for 21.98!

    How does this work? Do I just add both the Standard Edition and Expansion Pass into cart, then GOTY will be included?

    • +2

      No, GOTY edition is just the standard game with Blood and Wine and Heart of Stone Expansion.

      The Expansion pass includes B&W and HoS so buying it and the standard game is the same as buying the GOTY edition.

      • I did also get a copy of the GOTY edition in my account after redeeming standard edition and expansion.

  • Nice, I have the base game on gog from the galaxy 2.0 promo gamepass achievement thing so guess I'll pick up the season pass

  • Not worth paying for this game without the DLC, you’re missing out on 30% of the fun.
    Henry Cavill approved

  • GOTY ALL THE WAY. Simply put… the best game ever (to me at least)

  • Toss a coin to your Witcher 3 copy.

  • Isn't there supposed to be a steam group somewhere, or subreddit where you can send someone money to gift you a game, if they have a discount coupon, so you can get it cheaper? The only one I can think of is Group Buys, but that's slightly different.

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