NRMA Refund for Its Error with Insurance Policies

Just received an email from NRMA ([email protected]), see below.
Anyone have details about this? Thanks!

Dear Policyholders,

During a review of the way we calculate your premium we identified that you did not receive the full benefit you were entitled to for your NRMA Insurance policies listed below. We apologise for this error. …

We have calculated the full benefit that you didn’t receive and will provide you with a payment for this amount, including a refund of government charges, plus interest.

Your privacy is important to us, so we have not included the amount of the refund or any further details here.
What do you need to do?

To find out more and to help us process your payment, please contact us to make sure we have your most up to date account details.

You can choose to contact us online by visiting the NRMA website and searching for ‘refunds’, by visiting, or you can talk to our team on 1300 064 698 Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 8.00pm AEST.
Amanda Whiting
NRMA Insurance Customer Refunds

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  • How much?

  • No info provided about the amount.

  • I have had this happen to me before when I had multiple policies but NRMA's systems somehow forgot to apply the loyalty bonus for holding multiple policies.

  • Thanks Guybrush57, your comment sheds some light on the matter. I’ll provide an update when the full picture is presented.

  • I'd ring NRMA just to make sure it is not a scam.

  • +1

    I got the email too, went on chat with NRMA and apparently i am getting $27 back on an old policy…….

    So it's not a scam…..

    • Great !

  • +1

    I tried to contact NRMA by phone (a complete waste of time) and then online via The latter required me to verify my phone number and after that displayed a message that I am due for a refund of $xxx.xx, a sum that’s just under $600 (I have two policies). The message also said NRMA will send me info about my refund within 5 business days. Other than that, I’m still in the dark about the background reasoning for the refund.

  • tried calling NRMA by phone - wasted already 25 mins waiting in queue having to listen to bad quality hold music and patronising messages that they know how valuable our time is - only to be disconnected from their end .

    Goal for next year : Time to find an insurance that's there for you at any time at an acceptable price

  • I got the email too for an old inactive policy.

    Entered my details. Needed to use an old phone number from when I was in NSW. Refund is $265.

    I recently got a RACV refund too!

  • Thanks man, this little thread (and my own research) helped me confirm it wasn't a scam so called up. $480 on it's way to me!

  • Thanks from me. We just checked and I have $486.44 coming my way.

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