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Black Friday Sale | 20% off Sitewide @ Akeso Socks


Our first ever Black Friday Sales are now live!

Get 20% off storewide of your favourite, odour free, Akeso Socks!

What makes our socks like no other? The performance of our proprietary Metis PCA™ Fibre:
  • The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal performance will help to keep your feet healthy by treating foot disorders such as athlete’s foot.
  • Completely odour free, can wear for weeks without washing.
  • Convenient, practical and hygienic.
  • Whether working in hot or cold conditions, the thermo regulating fibre will keep your feet cooler or warmer depending on the conditions.
  • The absorbency of the fibre will help to keep your feet drier than normal socks and so more comfortable.

Coupon code: BLACKFRI20

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Wow, your asking me to pay $31.35 delivered for one pair of socks. Maybe you could add a little detail to your post to convince the masses why retail price of $27.50 per pair is reasonable.

    • +1

      Hi rockgod,

      Thanks for your feedback. I've updated the description to give a little more detail about why are socks aren't like any other.


      The Akeso Team

      • +1

        Nice work. I think I might give them a try.

        • Appreciate it! We stand by the claims we make, and guarantee our product. So if you have any issues at all, get in touch and we'd be happy to assist.

          The Akeso Team

          • +1

            @Chkpt-j: Alright, since you took the time to reply I bought three pairs. Two pairs of mid length and one pair if ankle socks.

            Hopefully they are as good as the reviews.

  • Perhaps cheaper to just order Darn tough socks from US. Those sock last ages. The hiking community swears by it.

  • +1

    I was also very sceptical when I first saw these on OzBargain but I can now definitely vouch for these socks. They are great for hiking as the special fibre really does fight stinky foot odour.

    The first pairs I purchased ages ago lasted me about three days of hardcore hiking without needing a wash but when I mentioned this on one of their previous OzBargain posts the OP told me to make use of their guarantee. They sent me new pairs which work much better. I just hang them up in the evening and they are good to go in the morning.

    To be clear… I do wash these socks if they get dirty (like mud).

    These work, not like bamboo fibre socks which have never actually worked as claimed for me.

    • +1

      Hi toasty!

      I remember the discussion we had about your first pair, and I'm stoked that we got that all sorted for you and that you're loving your new ones.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to write some kind words about our product. We do cop a lot of scepticism about the claims (and we completely understand why), but thanks again for taking a chance in our product and the special fibre its made from. Means a lot to us!

      The Akeso Team

  • +1

    I'm giving them a try guys. Great concept. Slightly painful shipping for just the one test pair though.

    • Thanks for taking a chance in us carlscott1982 and thank you for the feedback on the shipping. Will pass that on to the team. We've been trying our best to get the shipping costs down from Auspost.

      The Akeso Team

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