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Centr (Health & Fitness Program) 12 Month Membership $95.99 (Normally $359.88)


First time posting; have saved hundreds from you lot though, hope I got it right..
EDIT: New members only - Full yearly amount has to be paid up front for discounts (can't pay $8 a month instead)

I've developed what I refer to as my 'COVID belly' form working from home; so was looking at this last week and it was on special for $124 or $125 a year. Lucky I'm lazy.

Figured if it's sponsored by our iconic Australian there's got to be some kind of benefit from using it. They allege that there are new routines every week added, no idea what the quality is like. I'll wait for some comments before signing up I guess.

Cheers guys

EDIT: It is now listed as 95.99AUD on their website; however the terms and conditions state that all charges are at USD.

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  • I didn't know he had tattoos

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    I’ve been using this app for a nearly two months or so with the missus so that my interstate relatives don’t mistake me for a beanbag when we finally get let back into Queensland.

    Tried a few over the year off and on with free trials and found this one to be the most complete, not only for variable workout programming (e.g. bodyweight, limited equipment, more complete home gym) with coached/self-guided workouts but also for the added nutrition/recipes (pretty good healthy meals) and meditation/yoga all thrown in. I think I picked it up for around $120 with some bonus QFF points and I’ve claimed it back through work health and well-being program.

    I find it works out really well for the both of us, so not specifically an endorsement (because most importantly, it also has to work best for you) but I’d find it good value at this price (~$8/mth). Also seems like a worthwhile use for some of that cash you’ve saved from all of the DoorDash/MenuLog/UberEats credit and you might get to live a bit longer too.

    EDIT: Forgot to add that the only thing that it won’t do is get your tired, lazy, alcohol-loving butt off the couch every day after your family has been driving you insane whilst you’re trying to work from home. I’ll admit that on some days, the beer still wins.

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      I just joined - wouldn't be the worst $95 I've spent..

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      I can vouch for this app too, I've been using it almost since it launched. There's three streams you can pick and it tailors the daily planner accordingly: weight loss, lean and fit, and muscle building. There's two main styles of workouts, guided and non-guided. For the guided ones, you can do the workout at the same time as the trainer and they take you through the moves. Once you've done a few you get into the swing of things and can start to speed up to really push yourself. The non-guided ones are for those who know what they're doing and it just gives you some moves to complete inside a time limit or a number of reps.

      For workout styles there's different trainers, you can do muscle building, HIIT/HIRT, yoga, pilates, MMA, boxing, plyo, and there's a functional trainer too which is great for increasing mobility. There's also some special programmes that last 6 weeks that you can do any time, and one of them is a no-equipment one. They're all great.

      The food side of things caters for all diet types. It's all my family cooks now, my kids love the meals too. When you start out you need to be prepared to outlay a fair bit on the staples that they rely on but once you get that under control it's easy going. There's even a weekly shopping list that you can make it generate for you.

      If you're unsure, try the week's trial, nothing to lose. I've definitely noticed the changes I've made to my body, less fat and more muscle.

  • Nike training club is a good free alternative.

    • Is it full of advertisements?

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        None that I've seen.

  • Are you guys paying $95 USD or AUD?

    Mine is showing as
    Total cost
    $95.99 AUD

    • Shows $95.99 AUD on my device.

      • Yeah I think the title needs.to be updated hehe

        Anyone try vpn in Phillipines or anything?

        I'll try a free trial first and see how good it is

        • 3190 php, is that cheaper?

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    All the prices in the title are not right. 12 months sub is normally A$119.99.

    • Thanks mate; the Cyber Week details weren't displayed when I first saw this deal. I've updated accordingly, however if you read the terms and conditions it does state that charges are in US dollars… So I'm kinda confused.

      • I've got the web site and the app here and both say AUD. No idea why you're seeing USD :(
        The 359.88 is not remotely close to the normal annual price.

  • I tried to combine it with the Qantas offer but it didn't work :|


    Has anyone else tried?

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      I did try a partner discount and it didn't work either. I don't think the deals can stack with black Friday discount

      He is a true ozbargainer

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