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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Brush & Comb Bundle $449 @ David Jones


Thought this was a good deal if you're in the market for this product.

The copper special 2020 edition was also the same price but its sold out now. I personally price matched at Harvey Norman.

Comes with additional accessories like diffuser, gentle air and smoothing nozzle

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Gone are the days of buying a $20 hairdryer :)
    $100 vacuum cleaners -> 600+
    $15 fan -> 300+

    Amazing what Dyson's done

    • a decent salon dryer sets you back $150-200 range. You're paying around a 2x premium, not a 20x premium.

      it does depend a lot on how you value your time and the "quality" of the end result, it's all superficial.

      Also the dog is happy to stand in front of the dyson but not other hair dryers so there's that as a convenience, dual purpose!

    • That's what makes the owner richest man in UK. Or Among the richest.

  • Does anyone own one of the flash hair dryers?

      • What is the difference between the flash Dyson and a cheap mid price one?

        • Makes my hair look nicer, better volume, better control - helps my extreme vanity :D

        • Depends if you need it. I have long hair that can blow out a little sometimes so this definitely helps especially, my hair doesn't get trapped and it seems to be way more efficient and lower heat than my previous salon dryer. Super easy to use!

  • Are these quiet

  • i've got one from the virgin ff point selloff - I use it to dry my dog and that's about it. Feel free to ask any questions about it.
    It also doesn't have the nasty smell or burning heat.

  • The new copper/silver edition is not discounted; tried to request a price match at HN but they wont do it :(

    • Not sure if this helps, I called up in the morning to price match David Jones who initially did have it in stock and so the operator saw it themselves.

      Receipt Attached

      • price are reduced on Dyson official website, most colour would come with two free accessories but not the copper/ silver :(

      • So you ended up paying $449 without the accessories?

        • No it came with all the additional accessories. The difference between the Purple one listed here and the Copper one is that the purple one comes with the comb + brush set and the copper one comes with a pleather hardcase and a carry pouch for the accessories. There was also another purple version that comes with a table holster/stand.

          On the dyson website you pay $549 and choose your additional accessories but for an additional $100

          • @peter05: nope it's $449 on dyson website now and you get 2 accessories

            • @Poor Ass: ah ok, the price hadn't dropped last i checked. effectively makes it the same deal but you get the flexibility of choosing what you want. the retail SKUs are set in stone to be the brush + comb, but on the dyson website you can choose to get the stand instead or some of the other accessories.

              in terms of the inclusions, the iron/red is the most similar to what the copper one is, with a hard case included and still get to choose 2 additional accessories but that is still $549 on the website

  • Are these for humans and not dogs ? Can't tell from this thread

  • What retailer can I go to with this and they will price beat?