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Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap $62.17 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The strap all the youtubers have been raving about, and redditors crying over is now on sale.

The good:
* Easy to put on/off and adjust compared to stock strap
* Supposedly more comfortable than the stock strap
* Makes it easier to share with others

The bad:
* Many reports from reddit about it breaking

The stock strap is pretty comfy imo, provided you adjust it the right way along with a counterweight but YMMV. I'll be trying this out and if it breaks hopefully Amazon will just let me return it.

RRP: $79
Save: $16.83 (21%)
Sold by Amazon AU

The case is also on sale for $62.47.

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  • Whats the point of buying it,almost everyone who purchased it got cracks and had to return it.

    • Source? I heard it was only about 60 people according to the Quest subreddit. Apparently it was just a bad batch that came out of the manufacturer too. Plus Amazon took the listing down for a bit and I believe these new ones no longer have the issues.

  • Been kinda disappointed with the Quest tbh, is it just me?
    Getting 'god rays' and blur on the sides, not that enjoyable to use for any real length of time.

    Will probably return it soon, anyone else done that?

    • its working pretty good for me

    • You could try put on the glasses spacer - maybe your eyes prefer more distance from the lenses.

      Else maybe you could try getting it replaced? I hear the quality controls all over the place and the lenses can be a bit of a lottery

      • I've tried this, it's not really any significant difference, still get the rays.

        Thinking I'll return and wait for next gen, the ecosystem of games/apps seems a bit early anyway.

    • I returned mine the other day. Didn't feel like the entire ecosystem (and as you said lense quality and general experience) was up to expectations. I only bought Virtual Desktop which was lucky as I got a refund and have all my games on Steam. Don't think I'll ever be putting my money into Facebook's hands again for VR, the entire experience just gave me a sour taste in my mouth. Hopefully once the Reverb G2 fixes it's tracking issues and has some discounts I can hop on that, until then I very much agree with you, still needs one or two more generations to perfect the technology.

    • Yeah I got that too.

      It's my first time with VR so I thought it was normal or the lens were dirty but it's pretty annoying.

  • Anyone contacted amazon to see if we can get a price change refund for people who paid full price?

  • It looks like the elite strap with battery is in stock, can't confirm if its new batch or old stock.


    • Are there issues with the battery strap too? Preordered mine when it came out, should be delivered in the next day or so.

  • Just in time!
    I was able to cancel the order I placed for this a few hours ago and re - order at the new price. Extra bonus; I was able to get a further $10 off by using the Amazon app and APPONLY10 discount code. It gave me an error, but applied the extra discount anyhow!
    So now it cost me $52.17 (for the mathematically challenged).
    Thanks Tatari!

  • Does any one have silicon mask cover for the quest 2? I'm trying to find ones but they're all for the Quest 1. Anyone have a link to Amazon?

    I've found this one only https://www.amazon.com.au/Esimen-Silicone-Cushion-Sweatproof... wonder if its any good.