Does Pest Repellers Work for Spiders

I have created an outdoor space under pargola. During day it's fine but I one evening i noticed it was packed with relatively big spiders

Without killing them, I was wondering if anyone has experience with devices like below and whether they work. Any harm to human in terms of hearing, etc . Also how many would you need


  • Apparently not
    Stick with good pest control.

  • Should work, because spiders have really good hearing, I mean with their eight ears and all…

    Seriously though, it would probably have the opposite effect, as spiders are attracted to humming and buzzing vibrations. At night they come out because the insects they eat may be attracted to the light. So, the other issue is that you may get rid of the spiders, but have an explosion of other insect types…

  • Spiders help clear (flying) insects. No I don't like them either.

    Or employ Spider wasps… Ok circular problem created (then what about the wasps). :D

    • OOOOOOH! she swallowed the wasp to catch the spider, she swallowed the spider to catch the flies… I don't know why she swallowed the flies…

  • Ah, the well known and super-deadly 'big spiders'. srsly dude, if they aint poisonous just leave them be.

  • Is it a covered pergola or open top?
    I find those outdoor insect sprays that mention ongoing barrier protection work ok. They seem to definitely deter most of them during the night hours. If it's exposed area though it might get weathered away too quickly to be worth the effort.

  • No, they don’t work. Get your house sprayed.

  • No. Some of them people with good ears can hear too…so are quite annoying.