[Resolved] Best CPU+MB+RAM Combo for ~ $400

I am looking for a quick PC upgrade (only need CPU+MB+RAM) to run some software requires multi threading but has a limited budget ~$400 (lesser is better).

I have currently found below parts and are there any better cost effective solutions ? What would be the percentage performance loss of choosing 2600 ($229 from MSY) instead of 3600 ($329 from MSY) or 5600X ($481 @ Amazon) for Multi-threaded applications.

CPU = AMD Ryzen 5-2600 for $229 from MSY
MB = Gigabyte (B450M-DS3H) for $109 from MSY
RAM = Corsair Vengeance LPX (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16) (Black) 16GB for $109 from MSY
Kingston HyperX FURY (HX432C16FB3K2/32) 32 GB for $189 from MSY

Thanks in advance


  • For Ryzen you will need a graphics card if you don't have one already (unless you get a G variant)

  • I have found MSY are not cheap anymore. I would check out other companies like IJK, UMART, MWAVE etc as they are probably cheaper. An example of this is IJK has the Ryzen 5 3600 for $318 and the Gigabyte (B450M-DS3H) for $105.

    For the speed differences head on over to Toms Hardware Guide to the reviews and comparisons. Depending on what you are running you may find that going up to a 5600X with it if saving time makes you more money or means you are more productive, but it cost more. For example if you only need to run the app once a day then you can run it overnight and therefore the 2600 may be okay, but if you need the results ASAP then get the 5600X, but it will blow your budget.

    You did not mention an SSD or if you have one what it is as this may affect your overall performance if it is a slow SSD.

    The motherboard has 4 DIMM slots and as such you can get the 16GB kit and if you need more you can buy more latter in order to save now in order to get a better CPU if needed. But if you are running a memory hungry app then 16GB may not cut it.

    • Thanks for the details. In VIC we don't have lJK UMART, MWAVE etc. So, I usually check for Scoptec, PCCG and MSY and e-waste places.
      I was thinking to buy get a 10400F with cheapest B410+16GB single stick RAM (later to add another one) combination but first I will wait for black Friday and other deals :)

  • I Spent $280 for R5 3600 + $140 for MSI B450 last October.

    I also kept my 1060/3g, bought it for 250 3 years ago.

  • No specific advice on products but
    1. If you can stretch to the newer gen 3600 is better - 2 gens old is always better than 3 gens old
    2. On your budget 16gb ram should do - easy upgrade later
    3. Research your particular app / program that requires the performance
    4. 1060 should be good for most things - ensure you have an SSD too

    1. Most important - Don't forget the Black Friday sales
    • Thanks. I was looking for single 16GB sticks specially for 2 slot MB. I currently have 16GB DDR3 but I can't use it with new CPU :(

  • This seems to be the cheapest B450M at the moment.

  • Here is a comparison from PassMark for the 2600 vs the 3600 vs the 5600X. Take from that what you will.

  • Much better off getting the i5-10400F for $229. Similar to/better in some cases performance than the ryzen 3600 if you look at reviews (at least in gaming, maybe double check productivity).
    It may drop to $199 again this week

  • Seems a little silly to be paying retail prices when Black Friday is literally in a few days.