Does the Asian Brands Sunscreen work in Australia?

I've been hunting for a good sunscreen and I have one of those really difficult skin (too oily and too dry and extremely sensitive). I've been avoiding the Asian Sunscreens because I don't know if they are designed for Australia (extreme exposure to the UVs) - But I've been hearing that they work really well on the skin and feels much less cloggy. I'm wondering if they are much better now? For example, if anyone here used Biore Kao's Aqua Rich Sunscreen before?

Every single one of the sunscreen on the current market clogs my skin, even the Cancer Council SPF 50+ Day Wear Face Matte Invisible (which is much better than the other stuff on the market but still not good enough)

I haven't tried the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Lotion SPF50 because I heard it has a really high concentration of alcohol, and my skin is very sensitive to alcohol.

EDIT: when I'm referring to "Australian Sun" - I meant the lack of ozone layer over the lower half of Australia and the UV exposure is much more concentrated here in Australia. I thought people would understand this without going into the science.


  • they sell it on Amazon AU, ships by W Cosmetics who looks like a Chinese cosmetics importer. I can't see it on any ordinary brick and mortar stores through a quick Google.

  • Totally different sun, doesnt work

  • I use Biore Aqua Rich Sunscreen and I have 5 extra bottles incase I ever run out and stock is low online. It is the best sunscreen I have ever used, my skin feels nicer wearing it then not wearing it. No gross smell, leaves skin smooth and soft and no clogging.

    • Do you find Biore Aqua Rich has a high alcohol content? Does it dry out your skin? Does it sting?

      • Not sure about alcohol content sorry, doesn't sting at all and it makes my skin more moisturized and plump when using it. My skin feels better using it.

    • I was looking to buy this! Do you have dry skin and does this sit nicely on top or under your makeup? :)

      • I have dry skin and it sits really nicely on top and under makeup, it feels nicer than my moisturiser too which is Sulwhasoo K-beauty brand. My skin feels worse without the sunscreen, it's apart of my skincare routine now.

    • What is cheapest it has been and where?

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  • I currently use:

    but i feel like it clogs my skin :/

  • I assume poor wording In the description. The sun is obviously the same, however each countries standards and regulations are different.

    From memory, some Asian ones ie. The biore aqua rich is high in alcohol. Mecca to save safe is good, as its designed to be used with makeup, so it can't be too oily or dry. A "drug store" dupe is nivea no shine imo.

  • Any sunscreen sold in Australia that has an AUST L designation, has been tested to and complies with Australian regulations for SPF labelling. Some overseas sunscreens are tested to different standards and may be slightly different to that of Australia. In general, sunscreens in Asia from big manufacturers/brands, are a safe bet as they would be tested to Korean or Japanese UV standards.

    Although Australian sun is harsher (due to a few factors) than that in Asia, the SPF labelling is generally correct and will give you the same amount of protection under the same condition.

    Where Australian sunscreen 'shine' (sorry for the pun) is with water resistance. Australian water resistance requirements are the most stringent in the world.

  • I’ve used many Biore Japanese sunscreens and they’re really watery. I don’t feel they work as well as the French ones. Personally prefer the La Rochey XL sunscreen.

  • look into organic zinc oxide sunscreen, no chemicals and doesn't kill our reefs

  • These are more face specific, non-greasy, thin, SPA50+ and PA rated

    Lagom Cellus Sun Gel
    - Feels amazing on the skin, smells nice, spreads well, super non-greasy but a bit exy.

    Etude House Sunprise
    - I use this every day as Lagom is too exy. It's nice and light on the face, with good coverage.

    Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen by Shiseido
    - By far the most popular sunscreen in Japan. Thin and non-greasy also a bit exy.

    Like flowerbomb, I found Biore's range a bit watery and soOo thin that it feels like it's not doing anything.

    • Thanks! I'll also look into these.
      How do you rate their alcohol content? Does any of those sting?

      • None of them sting for me though Lagom does have the higher alcohol content than Sunprise.

        Anessa has zero alcohol content so this may be more suitable.

  • Might not help specifically, but I recall that Choice did a test of sunscreens and they found that only, I think, Nivea and The Cancer Council sunscreens were actually the SPF that they specified, where as other manufacturers it was lower. I’ll have a look and see if I can find the materials.

    Found this;

    I recall them saying at the time that cancer council did meet the SPF but I can’t remember the other brand name, but as I said I think it Nivea.

    I think specifies it as being the Cancer Council and Nivea ones that passed, but it was back in 2015.

    Edit: sorry I just reread your post that the Cancer Council one clogs your skin.

    I guess, at least for me I’d want something that I know has been lab tested to meet its SPF rating, but I find that Cancer Council sunscreen which I use too, the work one, makes my skin very oily.

    • Yes the Cancer Council clogs my skin, as well makes it extremely oily for the next 3 days. It feels "better" than the others, but still really awful.

      • Ultimately Yoopy I would still always recommend the product that has been tested, and certified by a lab to correspond to SPF50, regardless of the oiliness. Some of the sunscreens tested (though it was a few years ago now, so things might have changed, but they should have never been less than their specified SPF anyway) were in the low to mid 30’s. That’s unacceptable.

        I can live with oily skin. I don’t like it. But, I know that I’m being protected from UV damage.

      • You may have tried it, but if not… have you considered/tried the children’s range by cancer council?

    • What about the Aldi one? I usually use this and it seems to work very well.

      • Not sure if you’re replying to me or Yoopy.

        If that works for you, and you like using, I would say to be honest anything is better than nothing (in the absence of any data on Aldi’s sunscreens actual SPF rating). Overall I’ve read many good things about Aldi products over the years.

        But because it’s a sunscreen designed to protect against UV I’m always inclined to err on the side of caution.

        I don’t recall if Choice tested the Aldi sunscreen.

        • The pack says 50+ lol :)

          • @Slippery Fish: That’s a good rating, and hopefully it is 50 SPF. As I was saying before though, previously some sunscreen products were listed as SPF 50 but were actually closer to the mid 30’s. I included a link to Choice, and SMH if you’re interested. (Not having a go at you, context is always hard just via text.)

            • @Jawanzar: Idk I remember when that came out the products on the local news said Aldi was tested 50+ with cancer council and someone else. I was hoping you were like oh yeh also Aldi ones as I'm 90% but don't wanna say it if wrong.

              • @Slippery Fish: There is great variability in SPF testing and results currently. The reason for this is due to different skin types of the twat subjects as well as variation in how the product is applied (test method is open for some intrepertation).

                Because of this, some products may get SPF 60,55,50, 62, etc. It just comes down to the number of times it is teated.

                The important point is that wveryone should be reapplying as per pack direction. With this, even a SPF 30 is more than sufficient.

              • @Slippery Fish: Oh ok. Yeah not sure. I don’t recall seeing Aldi, as I think it was only The Cancer Council as well as Nivea that got 50 SPF that were specified in those articles, but there might have been a newer one that also included Aldi?

                To be honest Aldi is usually pretty good so you’d like to think that they’re meeting SPF ratings.

  • La Roche Posay do a light-feeling sunscreen. My daughter has very sensitive skin, and it's the only one she can tolerate.

    • yeah I'm also looking in this one as well. thanks for the suggestion

      I hate the fact that only way to know if literally testing on the skin, and using yourself as a testing dummy

  • Have a gander at this brand… Local product, also sold throughout Asia…for 'Their Sun'.

  • have a look at where the Australian Sunscreens are made ! shocker.. a few of them are made in Aisa or europe & imported nback to Australia under the mainstream brands

    • There are still plenty of brands that are made in Australia. Also…. what's wrong with overseas manufactured products?

  • Did you know the moon is 100% solar powered?

  • You do understand that earth only has one sun, don't you?
    The SPF factor is your indicator to a universal system. No mater where the sun is, your screen is based on the SPF

    • Don't be one of those naysayers. We've been to space, we know each country has their own sun.

      • We've been to space, we know each country has their own sun.

        Not entirely correct my dear friend.

        Some countries have more than one sun (up to five for rich countries) and a few have no sun at all, only a moon or two.

  • In some counties the sun is Square!! Sunscreen THAT!!!

  • Bottom Line
    Does it say it complies with Australian Standards?

    If you ask me…..if it works in Asia then it works here.
    We keep being told we are part of Asia so I cant see any problem here

  • People need to buy Brazilian made sunscrean if they want real skin protection.

  • Aren't we lucky all sunglasses we use in Australia are not Asian but made locally for our so brightly special sun …

    And hats!!

    And UV summer shirts!!

    Gosh we are lucky!

  • I find the Japanese/Korean sunscreens too liquidy, which is a shame because some of them smell really nice.

    I have an oily/sensitive skin and found the Clarins one is really good for me, the price is a bit steep though. I recommended this to people who all seemed to like it as well. It comes in clear and tinted versions:

    (Clarins is a French brand, but they have some items dedicated for Asian market so I guess that sorta counts?)

    The other one I found really good was this one (and it's cheaper too) but I'm not sure how easy it is to get in Australia, I think it's for Europe market only:

  • I have the same skin type as you and have always avoided wearing sunscreen because I hated the way it felt.

    I've tried so many different sunscreens that claim to be non greasy/oily/sticky but they still felt yuck on my face.

    I recently tried Nivea Sun Shine Control SPF50 (0% sticky feeling) and I really recommend it! I don't even feel it on my skin, even after applying generously.

    Currently on sale for $6.99 at Woolies (RRP $13)

    Edit: Sorry I don't know where I got $6.99 from, it's currently $7.80 at Woolies

    • Does it sting? I found in the reviews that alot of the "non-oily" sunscreen use an alcohol base.

      • There was a bit of stinging in my eyes but I wasn't careful enough around that area.
        It has a slight sunscreen smell that I prefer over some other brands and doesn't leave a white cast.

        At that price I would definitely give it a try :)

        • yeah I think I will give it a go.

          Have you tried Cancer Council SPF 50+ Day Wear Face Matte Invisible before? Does that one work for you?

          • @Yoopy: No sorry I haven't tried it yet!

            I've tried the La Roche-Posay Invisible Fluid and not a huge fan due to the price and the way it leaves my skin feeling after a couple of hours.

            I've also tried the Queen Screen & Clean Screen sunscreens from Ultra Violette.
            Their Clean Screen mattifying sunscreen is quite nice, but again after a while my skin does get a little more oily than usual.

            Overall the Nivea one has been the best one I've tried, cause it doesn't feel like I have sunscreen on at all even after reapplying it throughout the day.