Has Anyone Recently Been Successful with Officeworks Pricematch Tobydeals?

Just went into Officeworks (maribyrnong) to pricematch Pixel 4A with tobysdeals at $555. Was told that all officeworks have recieved a memo that they are not to pricematch Tobydeals anymore. Said I have price matched them before and I was told some stores were doing it but they have specifically been told not to. Anyone else had this experience recently?

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  • Aren't products on Tobydeals grey imports? Don't think they even have an ABN.

  • They're probably grey imports, but if you can somehow show that they're Australian stocked, you could get a price-match??

  • Yes! I did.

  • I price matched a garmin venu recently with tobydeals. A couple of years ago I price matched 2x oppo reno z with tobydeals.

    My only two attempts and both were successful. Lots of stories like yours though.

    Bit of a stretch I think given that the officeworks pricebeat guarantee does not say anywhere it has to be Australian store or Australian stock. If I tried and was knocked back and had some time on my hands I would lodge a complaint about false advertising. I don't think it is reasonable they advertise such an open ended policy and then internally decide not to honour certain conditions. If it is a blanket 'don't match tobydeals' then why can't they add that on their website under 'what is excluded'?

    • it's not really a like for like product if the warranties are different is it though?

      • I believe they used to have something about not matching grey imports, but it seems they purposefully removed that…

        Why would they remove that wording, but behind the scenes still still enforce it?

  • Try to go to another store is the distance is worth the petrol.

  • When I worked at Officeworks over a year ago, Tobydeals, bexetech etc were banned as they ordered the devices and found the be Grey stock/opened stock etc and therefore not the same item. Getting a match is luck of the draw.