Belt Driven Air Compressor - Advice

Hi all,

Looking for some help and advice on buying my first air compressor. I have narrowed down to a belt drive compressor (my understanding is these may be quieter, have a longer lifespan since parts can be more readily replaced vs a direct drive compressor + a few other benefits). Happy to be challenged on this decision if you think otherwise!

Budget is between $400 and $700, however I think that higher end of the scale is a bit OTT for my needs. Mostly be used for air tools such as air ratchet, possibly some basic panel spraying in the future, bead/media blaster and general stuff you do with a compressor :). I am also trying to fit the compressor into an area under some shelving in my garage so a whopping big compressor is out of the question really (max height approx. 800mm, length up to around 1500mm and depth as close to within 500mm)

Main thing I am trying to find out are reputable brands and first hand experience from users. I've seen the following at TradeTool:

Origin Air V-Twin 190LPM FAD Belt Drive Compressor

190FAD and 50L tank seems ok (although I am sure id need a larger tank if I wanted to get anything beyond just a basic use of a spray gun in the future).

Anyone have experience of that compressor, or recommend alternatives please? TIA

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    Thanks for considering one of our Air Compressors. My recommendation is our HD200 unit, this one has an increased 200FAD and 65L Tank plus this unit is manufactured of top quality components here in our Queensland facility. They are definitely worth the extra and will handle the demand required when spray painting better.

    The Origin Air unit you have linked will be able to do what you want at a reduced capacity, it just carries lighter duty components. Either way we have a full parts inventory in our Queensland warehouse for every tool will sell so you are covered.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • thanks - +++ its made locally in QLD which is where i am.

    cant seem to find the max/outlet PSI for that model on the specs.

    Keen to get some first hand customer experiences of the Renegade, better yet that exact model.

    Last but not least (come on, its OZBargain) … any upcoming BlackFriday or Xmas sales on compressors? :)

  • I got this one a few months ago. Great for spray painting and nailing etc. Very quiet, like, the quietest I've ever heard. You can talk over the top of it.

    • +1 for this type of compressor motor. I have the same unit and they are quieter than other compressors I’ve used.

  • thanks guys - will take a look, 53dB is very quiet indeed. Only concern would be on longevity and reliability, something only time will tell. appreciate the reply.