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BORA Centipede Portable 2'x4' Workbench $97.75 Plus $9.90 Delivery (Was $115) @ Carabtec


If you are like me and have no space for a proper workshop bench and need somewhere to set up and take down quickly, I found these are great. In the collapsed state and in the bag, it takes up very little space. It would also be good for that extra Chrismas BBQ food table. (Note this one can handle a tonne)

I checked a few different postcodes and delivery came in at $9.90 for all, but I'm guessing other places (eg TotalTools) will price match if you want C&C.

There is also a top available to buy, but you can easily make your own out of a plywood sheet.

  • Sawhorse supports sheet lumber and table tops up to 2-foot by 4-foot
  • This model is the 2' x 4'
  • Includes 4 x-cups, 2 quick Clamps and a carry/storage bag
  • 2,500lb (1133kg) capacity!
  • Multiple steel struts move in tandem for easy setup and take down
  • Supports thin materials without sagging

Other sizes on sale too

https://www.carbatec.com.au/centipede-support-9s - $151.30
https://www.carbatec.com.au/centipede-support-4s $59

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  • Op How does it clamp down on the top?

  • Looks good. Not a big discount though .. anyone done a price check on these or something comparable?

    • No not a big discount, but as few places actually have them in stock, I could not get any store to come down from the $115. It had to be ordered in.

  • Does it wobble much when you are working on it ?

    • Not if you have the top locked down. When I use my six hold-downs on the ply bench-top I made, it is rigid. I mean you would not use a metalwork vice on it, but it’s pretty good.

      Even with the top sitting loose, it is fine for light work, but the top can slide about, because it’s sitting on smooth plastic.

      I find it works pretty well on uneven surfaces because each leg finds its own height.