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[eBay Plus] Global 35th Anniversary 3pc Set - G2, Santoku, Paring $151.20 + Delivery @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


Greetings knife hunters,

Were you very inspired by watching MasterChef? Think you have what it takes to beat the other contestants? Want to re-live your immunity challenge experiences?

These knives need no introduction, but here I bring you the "Paris Hilton" of japanese knives (famous for being famous), giving good quality japanese craftsmanship steel for a decent price.

This set is a simple, great value set that offers all the "utility" you need without paying for token knives that you'll pick up once a year (if that).

The G2 cook's knife sports a decent profile, and these knives are rocking a 58 HRC, making them resilient but somewhat resistant to chipping.

Good enough for the typical kitchen, trade in your kmart specials for these today.

Steel: CrMoVa18
HRC: 58~
Construction: 3 piece welded construction
Handle: sand filled welded handle

Stay sharp,

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  • Bring back the Yaxell Mon deal

  • I know nothing about knifes but one thing I've learnt from OzB is do not buy a knife set until the OzB community has spoken. I will check back here soon. They do look nice though

    • also curious LMAOOO

    • There is a saying from where I come from, would translate to something like this: The band will play as much as you have paid them. If you ask me I would would be happier if these were $20, but for $20 you can only get a cheap soft metal knife.
      Global knives are not the best but are good value for what you pay.
      I have 2 cheap knives I regularly use, I am good at sharpening them on a whetstone if needed and then maintain them with a honing rod. The cheap $20 knives I have to run them on the rod a few times every second day when I use them and they are sharp enough for the everyday person. It's a 10 second task which I don't mind.
      The Global knives I have are VERY sharp, I'd say 3 levels sharper of what I can sharpen the soft metal knives I have and they retain the edge for a very long time as the metal of which they are made is much harder. I would even call them frighteningly sharp cause a minor distraction or not knowing how to properly cut can cause a very serious injury.
      That said, Shun are better than Global, but you need to pay +$100 on top of the $150 you are paying for this set to get 1 chef's knife, but is that what you need? Besides being very sharp and retaining that sharpness for a very long time, hard metal knives are easy to chip or break if not used properly and once they become dull(depending on how much and the way you use, they can stay acceptably sharp for over an year), running them a few times on the honing rod won't do much, you need to properly sharpen them.
      So to answer your question, get a Victorinox chef's knife which is quite decent and a ceramic honing rod. Learn how to maintain the blade, learn how to properly and safely use the knife and once you achieve that, depending on your skills you will know which knife you want to upgrade to.

      • Winston has a good approach, I prefer different approach but doesnt suit everyone.
        For me I knew what I wanted, so I was never going to be satisfied with a Victorinox.

        I guess that's what I am here for, to answer questions you guys (and girls) may have, and give you more information to inform your buying decision.

        • Im new to the fancy knife world (have been using a cheap knife but almost took out my fingers when cutting a vegetable and it slipped T.T).

          Just purchased this set and was looking at getting a whetstone from ebay, 1/6000 for $17 or does a more expensive one from a proper place do a better job? Thank you!

          • @sherbules: They say 6000 grit but I highly doubt that. I have used the eBay ones which are double sided such as the 1000/3000 and 5000/8000 but they seem to be no finer than my global 1000 grit…
            If you have no experience using a whetstone never try it on your Global set, always learn how to use it on your cheap knives. It will take months of experience to get up to a level which is half way there but having a sharp knife is one of the most rewarding and pleasurable experiences while cooking.

            • @Winston100s: Thanks winston. Luckily i have my shitty knives to test them out on! Which whetstone would you recommend?

              Also what do you think of this set, as reddit seems to love wusthof knives over every other brand.


              Edit: its the gourmet range which apparently is lighter than the other lines

              • @sherbules: This Wusthof knives set is made out of softer steel, however not as soft as the cheap disposable knives. You'll need to touch them up on a honing rod eventually every 2 weeks. A rod is much easier to use and learn than a whetstone. I have the global g-74 rod which I got on special for $52 but now it's over $100. I recommend a ceramic rod as it is gentler on the blade. Don't always buy the cheapest just because it is cheap, cause you end up spending twice as much from what you should've in the first place.
                If you would like to practice on a whetstone this seems to be of reasonable value:
                A ceramic rod won't be ideal for your global set but quite good for the Wusthof set you have linked.

                • @Winston100s: Thank you so much! I'll be getting the whetstone you linked since i bought this set, theres currently 20% off the whetstone so it makes me feel better hahah.

            • @Winston100s: Winston has a point… But I actually first sharpened on our global knives.

              In fairness they are already 10 years old and considered "cheap" compared to my other knives

          • @sherbules: Whetstones are almost as simple as knives.
            Only about 3 Variability between Whetstones:
            Compound quality (type of compound, brand range) , compound size (grit size), and adhesive used (natural vs synthetic)

            The thing that affects performance most is grit size and compound quality.

            A good quality stone at 800 grit size can cut as fast or faster than a poor quality 400 stone (and not wear down too much material). A poor quality stone with low grit size might still take ages to cut metal from a hard steel.

  • But my Kmart all silver stainless ones look better 😂😁 no advertising and no pits in the handle to trap dirt and sweat etc :D blade isn't as good I suppose but they seem to chop well enough haha

    • I had only crappy knives for years then got the 6 piece set of these.

      There's no comparison, these are like a lightsaber through veggies and the handles feel great. Worth every penny imo

  • Thanks OP, just picked up a set! Delivery was $11 to Melbourne Metro for anyone curious.

  • any deals on whetstones?