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Alienware 510H 7.1 Gaming Headset $109, Alienware Wireless AW988 $249, Alienware 310H $71 @ Dell Au


further 20% discounts for Alienware gaming headsets

AW988 $249
AW510H $110
AW310H $71

similar deal (further 20%) for Alienware mouse and keyboards.

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  • Be aware if you want the keyboards or mice, their macros are borderline unusable for gaming.

    • Why are macros unusable? Was considering buying their keyboard…

      • They cancel any other keypresses and they don't respond well to spamming.

        So if you are trying to hit a macro while moving, it will "let go" of your movement keys until you release and re-press. I guess this depends on what you play, but it's highly annoying for most games.

        Also if you spam them (which is common with cooldowns or any sort of action queue) they are very unreliable and sometimes leave out modifier keys etc.

        Nice enough normal mech with lighting otherwise. Build is solid, but I don't use the macro column I bought it for any more.

        Razer and Corsair boards never had the above issues.

        • thanks for the explanation, seems quite annoying for gaming though could be ok for office work. Will hold off with this keyboard then and look at other options, I recently bought Alienware desktop and planning to buy their 38" monitor if it goes out with a good price. And if I get 2 pieces of Alienware adding keyboard and mouse might have been a nice addition to the set

          • @bigsov: Oh it's probably a non-issue for office work. Shortcut macros will be fine as I don't imagine the "override" will have any other keypresses to clash with.

            BTW these updated models might be fine, mine is the previous model. But they do use the same software.