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[PS4, XB1] Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 $39 @ JB Hi-Fi


Tony Hawk is $39. Catalogue said it would be $49 but seems $39 might be correct price or a pricing error. I'm not sure if its available in-store till tomorrow but it is available online. You could always do a click and collect. Enjoy!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +4

    Great game for anyone on the fence buying it. Would buy it at retail again.

  • Chances that Amazon match? I’ve got a couple of things a to pick up from them tomorrow

  • Amazon hasn't price matched yet, hopefully they will for Prime users.

  • I reckon they'll price match tomorrow am

  • -1

    Almost worth it at this price. Heading to game pass surely

    • Wouldn't say so with other Activision remakes like Crash still not on there.

  • Worth it at this price. Experienced players can finish the campaign in a day or 2. The multiplayer could be so much better though. Last I played you couldn't even chose which game mode to play, it just threw you in a random lobby? The ranking system sucks too. I was ranked 800 in the world all because I had a high number of total round wins.

  • +1

    Say good bye to your right thumb

  • Can’t wait for it to be on Gamepass!

  • Does this have a split screen local multiplayer mode?

  • Amazon price matched it.

  • I wish they had it for pc :'(

  • I have a feeling if I buy this now, it'll be $29 during Black Friday.

    • You could wait. The J.B sale ends on Tuesday I think. I'm waiting till I buy the 15% off "For Him" gift card tomorrow from Coles. No way will J.B or Amazon run out of stock for this…its not an enormous discount.

    • wish I didn't read this, I held off then didn't get a chance to buy it before the sale ended lol, let's hope boxing day it's cheaper.

  • +2

    they had me at free fingerboard!

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