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30% off DVD, Blu-Ray & 4K @ JB Hi-Fi


Excludes pre-orders, devices, 50% off WWE promotion and blank media.

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JB Hi-Fi

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  • Its not bad :) but i think the buy one get one free was still better value and then when amazon matched it they had some 4k movies for like $7.60 each with the buy one get one free

    I'm regretting not buying some at that price.

  • Only 15 4K movies are discounted :-/

    • It's more than that.

      There is the 2 for $40 4K deal that stacks with the 30% so $28 for 2 4K


      So $14 each.

      • Wow just tried it and it does stack. How come? It just looks like the 30% off deal is a separate promo for 15 titles and the 2 for $40 is another.
        Does the 30% off work on all 4K titles?

        • They always stack the percentage off with the existing sales. Unless they specify specific exemptions they'll apply to all.

        • The filter is set for latest releases so it only shows 15 titles, as far as I know it is all movies.

          JB has always stacked their discounts that I recall.

          Sometimes there is a membership join 5% or was that $5 discount, that stacks too.

  • I think everyone is waiting for the 50% off selection aka buy one get one free promos on all medias…

    • Or actual new releases.

      Obviously very light on this year. Companies should have released more back catalogue imo.

  • I'm pleased I could at least buy more Imprint via vision titles as they are usually retailing for like $34. Apart from that there has been hardly any new films in 2020 so I've been spending lightly.