Viomi V2 Pro or Dreame D9 RoboVac

Yesterday I bought Viomi V2 Pro for $349 on eBay and the next hour I found Dreame D9 presale for $399 on Kogan, however the reviews for Dreame on Ozb are not very promising but most likely a firmware update should fix the issues.
I'm pretty confused whether I should stick to Viomi or go for Dreame D9 after cancelling or returning the Viomi.
I am going to use it at a single storey house which is tiled all over except for 3 bedrooms. Any suggestions or feedback would really be appreciated.

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    Viomi V2 Pro
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    Dreame D9


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    I can't help with which is better as I am in the same boat trying to decide on which one to get. I prefer the D9 being the newer model and hoping a firmware will fix the issue of mapping, will have to monitor over next day or so see if any info comes out about it.

  • Yeah I'm sailing in the same boat of dilemma.

    • Decided to buy the D9, specs and being new to hard to ignore at the price, wait for the firmware and hopefully all good.

      • Good on ya

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    I'm in the same boat, hope that helps.


    $299 for Viomi V2 is a fantastic deal. Above all it's proven that it doesn't have any software / sensor issues whatsoever.

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