Apple Watch with Cellular - Thoughts

What are your thoughts on Apple watch with cellular?

Buying it outright, the next problem would be how to activate the cellular?

only 3 telcos, Telstra/Optus/Voda offers postpaid plan, and no available prepaid plans for esims.

Is it a waste of money to buy an apple watch with cellular?


  • It honestly depends on how you plan on using it. I love it when I play sport and when I go for runs without my phone. That being said, you need wireless earphones to run with it, and you'd need apple music or a podcast app, as spotify doesnt work on the watch alone.

    It does cost an additional $5 a month for cellular as well. I've had mine for 3 years, so feel free to ask more questions based on your intended usage :)

    • may i ask which telco are you using?

      do they allow byo, as i'd rather buy it outright.

      what is your average battery life with the cellular watch?

    • Spotify is now supported for standalone streaming. Started at the start of November.

      • HUGE @ConnorAR97. Thanks for the update :) Been so long since we could do it.

        I'm with Telstra ATM, with the JB hifi voucher deal. So yes, im on a BYO plan. Previously was using optus. Its easy to set up with either. You do it from the apple watch app.

        Battery life with cellular watch varies on use. To give you context, I'm using a 2 year old S3.

        With phone next to me all day, no workouts etc. I'll use 30% at most.

        With a workout, that'll probs use 15-20%. And that can be with like 3 hrs of walking around with bubs.

        Without a phone, using cellular. It'll use about 60% of the charge in a day with light usage ie. messaging, a couple of calls.

        The thing that will thrash the battery is calling someone without it bluetooth tethered to the phone. But you'll still get a few hours of it out of that.

        Does that answer the q?

  • I also have the apple watch , but have never used the cellular feature.

    just ask your self this. are you likely to ever be without your phone when you may need your watch to take over?

    If the answer is yes, well then do it, if its no or unlikely then dont.

    Also in saying that, the watch still has many other benefits rather than just the cellular features. so no point disregarding it or considering it just to do with the phone features.

  • I grappled with this same question before I jumped on the non-cellular series 6 during the Qantas 25% off sale.

    Reasons I went non-cellular:

    • I don't want to pay Optus/Telstra/Voda direct prices for mobile service, plus the $5/month on top for watch service
    • I pretty much always have my phone with me
    • I detest going for walks / runs
    • I don't go to the beach/surfing alone
    • my music is with spotify (although i believe they're beta testing spotify playback on the watch, via BT earphones, removing need for a phone nearby)

    Also since I've been using it, I've turned off whatsapp notifications on the watch - too distracting and i think you can only do canned responses via whatsapp anyway.

  • Cellular is best, no need for phone with you ie walking dog, can stream radio stations with air pods, calls, messages etc, even around my property is better away from phone.

  • I’ve got the series 5 without cellular. I don’t go anywhere without my phone so I didn’t feel the need to pay extra for the cellular model and the SIM. It is cool to be able to “Dick Tracey” your phone, check your exercise info, send/receive SMS, check emails, weather info, find my friend, etc without having to pull out the phone. It also has a ping function so you can work out where your phone is.

  • Just moved back from UK whats the best postpaid plan as I have a cellular apple watch??