Cheaper Brakes for Volkswagen - Decent Pricing, Not as Expensive as Dealer Price

I'm just wondering is there any other place to replace my brakes on my 2015 VW Golf?
Dealer charging me around $700 to replace it. I think it's a little too much.
Is there any alternative place that you can recommend?
I live in Sydney, NSW.


  • Is that brakes and rotors? If it's just the brakes then that's definitely too expensive. I got my rotors and brakes replaced for $650 on my Arteon at my local mechanic.

  • brake pads are like $100 lol

    • They said they need to replace the discs too.
      apparently all European cars do.

      • Euro cars have discs made out of cheese. It's very typical for them when changing pads to change the rotors while they are at it.

        $700 for a full set front, rear and labour isnt a bad price for a Euro trashwagon, especially if they are using genuine parts.

        To break it down (for people like Jugga), even if you were to find somewhere else, the parts cost would still be similar and you might only save a few $$'s on labour.

        Sure, pads are only $100, but that's front and rear, so around $200 just in pads. Then there is discs, around $150 a pair (aftermarket), or around $300 for fronts and rears. We are up to $500 just in parts, so $200 in labour, which at a VW dealer is probably about 1 hour (and a bit, maybe) of labour costs.

        If it's just the fronts or just the rears, it is a bit expensive.

        • front only

          • @AhBeng: Well, in that case, yeah, you're paying the VW premium tax on those parts and on that labour. Just fronts should be much closer to $400~$500 range from a reputable brake place. I don't live in Sydney, so I don't know who would be best in that area. Just google a few places and read their Google reviews (unless Pam has left a review…)

      • Euro's often need the discs(rotors) changed every second set of pads, or in some cases even more frequently than that. $700 for genuine parts (discs and pads) inc labour seems reasonable for stealership but an independent will offer better value. As an example I recently imported discs for my Euro to save myself over $1,500! There are some decent aftermarket options as well - I have DBA discs on another car and had good results with them.

        • Every change on a VW. Soft metal and almost no extra metal to machine off.

          • @brad1-8tsi: Does it make sense to go to a harder aftermarket rotor in that case? Must get pricey changing both each time. Harder rotor with a softer pad?

            • @knasty: I use DBA plain face rotors. Cheap and last a lot longer than the OEM VW rotors.

              The rear rotors and pads for the back end of the Skoda (same brakes as a VW) were $180 delivered.

              As a plus, the amount of brake dust reduced by half.

  • Stealerships always overcharge, Google for an indy brake service in your area, it should be cheaper there.

  • Should be able to get it done for $500 by an Indy, using oe parts.

  • $650 include oil change, filter change, front brake pads + rotors and labours at local mechanic, I bring the brake pads and filter by my own

  • Have you tried googling for Brake places ?? you may find 100's of them.

    • Thanks. Will do. I'm a bit skeptical with those places. But if they provide a quality parts, I'm definitely try one of those.

      • They are all the same… if you go in with no knowledge you'll get burned.

        Ring around many places get quotes and go in with info ready..

        Dealers will charge more.

  • Grab your quote for repairs as per the $700 from dealer.

    Then call around the local brake and mechanical workshops close to your home or work address, ask them as per your dealer quote and get them to quote as well.

    Make a decision based on the one you find best for customer service, price and location, and or has been referred.

  • Will do.
    Thanks heaps.

  • I'm in the same situation. Nissan quoted me $1200 for front and back rotors and pads. Seems excessive. My car is also only 5 years old and only done 34,000km, is it normal to replace the rotor so soon? Any issues if I just replace pads for now and do rotors in 2 years time?

    • Seems right. Replaced all four corners for our Cooper S, $1600. Disc + rotor.

    • If you feel the steering wheel drifting while braking hard, you need to replace the rotors.

      • Thanks for the feedback. No it doest drift.

      • If you feel the steering wheel drifting while braking hard, you need to replace the rotors.

        That would be totally incorrect. If the vehicle is drifting or pulling to the side then either the sliders are jammed or it has a lazy caliper.

        The go/nogo on a rotor is how big the edge lip is; whether it's concave or ripply; whether it has runout and whether it can be machined and maintain at least the minimum thickness.

        Runamuck hasn't said what car he owns so it's impossible to say whether the price is too high or not.

        If you think it's too expensive, get a 2nd quote.

    There's a dude in there (Joseph?) who used to work for VW (which is up the road from this place).
    Location is technically Artarmon, it's pretty close to Royal North Shore Hospital (if you're familiar with that area)

    Otherwise CarRoom is probably closer to you (your profile says hurstville), and is located in Zetland
    Owner of CarRoom used to work for BMW, and appears to service euro/luxury cars
    Their website is borked though, most of their clientele is via word of mouth

    Both of the above information is private information (from my own personal connections)

    Hope that helps :)

  • thanks!
    Will give them a call to check it out