SMARTIZ Kids Smart Watch - Any Comments?

Anyone heard of a kids smart watch called SMARTIZ, they claim to be Australian Owned and Operated based out of Melbourne?

The product itself seems reasonably priced in comparison to other kids smart watch with calling facility and has some impressive features as well, however very apprehensive about the fact that they seem new, don't seem to have any reviews outside of their own website.


Any comments or feedback would be deeply appreciated.


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    I'd run away if I was you.

    Scam Docs says Analysis of the website "" = 2%

    Very bad trust score : Warning, only for experienced users!

    The domain name is very recent (less than 6 months)
    The creation of the domain name is rather recent
    Short life expectancy domain

    Shop address is 277 William Street Melbourne VIC 3000, while is currently available for lease.

    • Thanks for the feedback, great warning :)

      Btw, do you have any suggestions about any other worth while kids smart watch other than SPACETALK?

  • Check out the Alcatel/TCL Movetime Family Watch. No monthly subscription fees and has a Micro SIM slot, which gives you the flexibility of choosing a telco with the best coverage/best value for money.

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    We bought two almost one month ago and they’ve been working great! Good products value compare to others, good customer service too. Recommended to my mom groups.
    I also asked them how long they have been around, they said they been around more than one year, but this new model just launched around August. Just googled their address, looks like it’s a Melbourne Law court building with Post Office address which makes sense for online business, don’t think scammers will go next to the court lol

    • @Hxy

      you mean the "SMARTIZ" kids watch?

      • Yea, my kids love SmartiZ. They have loads comments on fb post you can dig before purchase. There are lots brands available these days, and every kid is different, just have to make sure they like the design and size and wear them all the time. I did notice a few new brands have similar styles to them just pop up on my fb in last few weeks, not sure they are legit, so yea definitely do some research first.

        • Thank you, HxY

          My kiddo is after the Alcatel/TCL Movetime Family Watch, not sure where to get it from with Amazon AU having offers from couple of sources but they are all US based, all local sources are $50 higher in price.

  • My daughter is wanting the spacetalk watch, which I’m considering (noting the pretty hefty price tag and inability to connect to the 4G network). I looked into SmartiZ watch as an alternative but I’d urge you against it. It looks almost identical to the knock off versions selling cheap on eBay and Amazon, and from looking into it, I’m almost 100% sure they’re being imported from elsewhere. Because of that, I’d be concerned about where your/your child’s data is being stored and how it is being used. It doesn’t seem very secure or legitimate unfortunately. At least the spacetalk data is stored onshore by an actual Australian company!

    • Thank you for the feedback. I have already given up on Smartiz

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    Purchased two for Christmas presents, wish I had seen this post first. One watch stopped working after an encounter with some backyard water despite being advertised as waterproof. The other is reluctant to charge most times. Company is unresponsive. Pissed off is an understatement.

    • We have had the same issue.
      No response no feedback.
      Looks like the company has not posted since the launch and has gone dark.
      Have you had any more feedback

    • I'm in the same boat - bought two for Christmas, one got water damage after a few seconds at the surface of a pool, despite their claims of IP67 rating.

      Emailed support twice with no response.

      At least it wasn't super expensive, but my daughter's pretty unhappy.

  • My experience with smartiz is that if you have fault issues with the product ( watch ) they just blame it back on you and charge you for the inspection and if you dont pay it you dont get your watch back. Very Dodgy never buy of a company that does not give you a taxation receipt and does not have a phone number for support they just hide behind emails
    right 'JAY". NO REFUND had to chase up 4 times and took months with no result but in their favour . Now they have stolen my watch and wont give it back very disapointing Buyers BEWare !!!

    • I have had the same issue and have just files a report with the ACCC. My daughters watch broke after 2 months. Despite about 20 emails on my behalf I have only received two from them. One offering to replace it pretty much at retail price and the other asking me to post it in. Since then I have received no replies.
      I am hesitant after reading these posts though about even sending it in to them because it sounds like the watch won’t be returned

      • Hi Cstephens,
        Have you had any luck with ACCC. Am in similar boat and being ignored by smartiz for months now.

        Was wondering if there is any way to get my money back for the faulty product. And how do you lodge it with ACCC please?


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