Unlimited Google Drive Storage - eBay

This came up in another forum thread, but is this too good to be true?
Unlimited Google Drive storage for <$5

What are the cons?


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  • "shared drive"

    Con; Other people having access to your files?

  • i just ordered it and see what happens i just spend $ 4.56

  • Someone is selling access via a uni account or similar. Maybe even a stolen one.

    Cons are that google may clamp down on it at any time. Depending on exactly what type of account it is, the owner may be able to either view your content or disable your access at any point.

  • Can be revoked anytime by the seller

  • Yeah nah. Either just scamming for money or hoping for you to upload documents to steal your identity. No thanks.

  • Lol life time. Say bye bye in 30 seconds.

  • As someone who is a super admin of GSuite, I can delete my users' files at any time for any reason. Google won't clamp down; they don't care what their customers do.

    Also, if you use a GSuite account for work or school, your admin could reset your password, login, and then have access to your browser history, saved passwords, bookmarks and so on. And since you likely signed a mandatory waiver when you started employment or training, you really have no recourse.

    Be careful.

    • Yep same applies to the Office 365 accounts being sold, especially the ones that advertise a free email address. As an admin I can see it all!

  • Yes, I bought one of these a long time ago and the account was shut down some time later.

  • Looks legit

  • I got one of these rn but from a seller with really high feedback %. I know it's risky, but if you still want to go for it, i'd recommend a seller with more feedback than "2".

    • Yes please. Can you DM me?

      • I just checked my ebay purchases and unfortunately the listing and the seller have disappeared (ebay probably shut them down). There's plenty on ebay with high feedback though (expand your ebay search to include "global" location as most of them are based in the US).

  • The cons? Is losing all your data or someone accessing all your data important?

  • They just open an account in America with a community college under your name without any truly personally identifiable information.
    That account gets assigned an edu email which coincidentally does qualify for http://office.com/getoffice365

    I've replicated the same method to verify my data was safe as I was curious (I already have lots of older Office keys so don't actually need it), but it's a bit of a hit and miss rate (50% if your application as homeless international student goes through if you try to DIY)

    $5 for limited amount of Office 365 is a good gamble though I'm not going to put any sensitive information into it.