Philips Airfryer VS Kmart


Would like to know how you think these two would compare.

Does Philips price justify its premium price ?

Thank you !


  • I like the cheap ones because you don't feel as bad about not cleaning them properly.

  • I've only used the cheap one from KMart, but the results have been so good that I can't see paying the extra. However this is also for a family of 2, so it's not like we're doing huge batches either. YMMV.

  • I paid for the Philips when it was on sale for 30% off. Can't provide any comparison to K-mart as I've not used any other than the Philips, but we use it almost daily and it's been a good investment.

    If it broke, I'd likely just get a K-mart one as I can't see how a more expensive model would fundamentally be different to a cheaper one. That is, heating element and then blowing the hot air around.

    Difference may exist with number of functions, replacement parts and ease of cleaning though.

  • I have the Kmart 5.3L version. Only thing I don't like about it is that the timer is an old school click-click-click-click-click-bing timer, which I find annoying as background noise (that said, the fan noise drowns most of it out, but the clicking tends to carry louder in to the next room than the fan noise). If I was buying again, I'd definitely get a digital one, but I wouldn't pay the premium for the Philips because they're far too simple an appliance to justify it's price tag.

  • I have the K-Mart $69 one, and the Aldi $249 one. I prefer the K-Mart one because it's easier to use and just as good results.

  • I have the kmart 5L version. As someone said above, I don't see how the philips at $300 more expensive could be that much better. I don't mind the timer, it's not digital, but also very easy to set, just turn the knob. Same with temperature. Having to click buttons multiple times to set temp/time would actually be annoying now.

    Size I think is the biggest consideration. If the philips has more floor space than it may be worth it. If I bought another one I would probably look for one with multiple flat shelves as you could fit much more in. However you would then need the air circulation coming from the back, not above.

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